What are the Best Countries for Outsourcing Software Development?

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Companies often choose to outsource software development to countries where the development quality is higher and the cost is lower.

Companies from all over the globe are always in search of a competent workforce to up the quality of their products or services. As you may presume, coming across the right talents requires a lot of work and it is not always easy. The competition is pretty steep. So, this procedure needs to be as efficient as possible.

At the same time, hiring too many people to become full-time members of your team is an expensive thing to do. Finding a balance between these two elements has become a priority for every business, no matter how small or big it is. Thankfully, we live in a digital age, and we have room to maneuver between these two things.

We are talking about the possibility to outsource some parts of your project. We are talking about a concept when a business hires an individual or a team of experts to be a part of the project, but they don’t become employees of the company. In most cases, you will see that outsourcing means that these teams are found in a foreign country.

That’s why we want to discuss what are the countries where you can find highly-competent specialists.


India is a country that became a synonym for the term “outsource”. Now seriously, we are talking about a country that has countless IT experts. It doesn’t matter what kind of service you are looking for, you will find numerous Indian experts online. What makes it even more interesting is that it is the second largest English-speaking country.

That’s why so many companies from the UK and US prefer to hire experts from India. The reason why so many people in this country are competent in this field is that local universities educate almost 3 million students in mathematics, which is an irreplaceable element in this day and age, especially in the IT field.

If you take a look at certain studies on this subject, you will see that Indian freelancers are significantly better rated than those who come from the United States. Naturally, it is essential to verify the credibility of a team or an individual before you should decide to include them in your project.


Vietnam, a South Asian country, has positioned itself as one of the most preferred places when it comes to outsourcing some elements of your project. Even though this is not a country with a large English-speaking population, local experts have proved themselves as one of the most competent ones according to numerous studies.

One of the branches of the industry where local experts shine is web design. But that doesn’t mean that they are not competent in handling any other tasks. One study says that there are three million freelancers in Vietnam. Also, this kind of work has become quite a popular trend in the country in the last couple of years.

As a result, we can expect their numbers to grow in the future. It doesn’t matter what is the website where you seek experts for your project, you will always come across a high number of Vietnamese with rich professional biographies. For all these reasons, we rank it as one of the best countries for outsourcing software development.


In Brazil, modern technology education has become some sort of government policy. If you start digging through this topic, you will see that millions of young people receive this sort of education every year. So, nobody should be surprised why Brazil is easily one of the best destinations if you seek professionals to outsource some of your work to.

Another important thing to note about Brazil’s capabilities is that almost 40% of its population is younger than 25. Even though the IT community doesn’t have a long tradition in Brazil, we can see that their competence has been proved numerous times, and this will continue to be the case in the future.

If your company enjoys giving a chance to young developers and helping them reach their full potential, then picking Brazil as the place to seek talent is the way to go. Since there are so many of them to choose from, you would need to invest your best efforts before you can find the most competent ones.


According to many people out there, Malaysia is a country that’s already in the 22nd century. Software development in Malaysia is enormous, thanks to the country’s strategic location right next to Singapore – the startup hub of Southeast Asia, and the English-speaking population. Some approximations are saying that their industry will grow by 7% every year in the next decade.

If this is not impressive, we don’t know what is. The progress they are making can be credited to millions of competent experts who are constantly adopting new trends, and they are among the most competent ones you will find. Add to that the education that focuses heavily on things such as science, technology, and math.


Last but not least, we have decided to include a European country in this list of ours. We have chosen Poland. Not only that this is home to a wide array of reputable IT companies, but it is also a place where you can find numerous hidden gems when we are talking about competent experts to be a part of your team.

In the last couple of years, the local schooling system has focused heavily on modern technologies. Not much time has passed, and Poland has turned itself into an IT powerhouse, whose limits are yet to be seen. Also, the number of highly-quality IT teams is really impressive. Besides that, the country itself is widely perceived as a haven for investment.

In Conclusion

Are you seeking highly-competent workers to be a part of your big project, and you have a problem with finding local talent? Then the best move you can make is to start looking for foreign experts and outsource some of your work to them. Here, you can take a look at a couple of countries that are powerhouses in the industry. We don’t doubt you will find numerous hidden gems to add to your team.