What Are the Roles and Responsibilities in a Software Development Team?

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What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

There are generally two ways for companies to get the software tasks done – either by extending in-house teams or hiring dedicated developers. Though both are beneficial at their places, the latter is said to have a more positive impact on organizations’ efficiency. A dedicated development team is a partnership model in which startups and well-established firms tie-up with an offshore software development company. This enables them to hire an already formed team that integrates into their IT operations. As the team is trained and competent, they get fully dedicated to the project while staying self-controlled. The approach of hiring a dedicated software development team is far better than assigning projects to freelancers. This helps save the bacon of companies when they desire to expand the software development force without extra efforts in management.

Hiring dedicated developers is a top-notch solution when in-house teams lack suitable skills to develop robust software products. Even though a dedicated team has its own administration and management, it can tremendously help in accomplishing the software goals of hiring companies. Below-mentioned is a list of roles and responsibilities that they perform.

Business Analysts

Business analysts play an initial role. They are responsible for providing the project definition and clarifying the system development requirements right after the sale has been taken. Their main role is to make the communication between the client and the dedicated team clear and transparent.

Project Managers

Project managers are people who handle the complete software project. The role of PM enters the scene after the entire communication between client and team is completed. They directly work with the dedicated team, manage the workflow, control the process, and motivate the team to work productively.

UI/UX Designers

UI/UX Designers are responsible to bring creativity to the table. They use wireframes created by the clients, draw mockups out of them, and create application interface designs. They mainly work to enhance the user experience by making the software product look good.


The main part is played by programmers or developers in the team. They translate human languages into the languages that computers and technical devices understand, via coding. They work at various levels, including junior, middle, and senior.

Quality Assurance

As the name suggests, people in this profile perform the role of ensuring the quality of software products. They conduct testing, evaluate app flow, and identify bugs and errors in the applications to report them to the development team for fixing.

Marketing Specialists

Marketing specialists are individuals who handle the end game of software development. They conduct market research, prepare strategies for the campaign, and promote the products to suitable platforms for generating leads. Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Content Marketing are some core techniques in marketing.