What Are the Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends for 2020?

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Boost your mobile application with these top trends for 2020. Discover the best practices to augment customer traffic.

In a world that is rapidly making technological advances, and inching towards digitization, mobile apps have become a requisite part of the entire digital ecology. Mobile phones have made a huge transformation in an organization’s business strategy. The mobile app segment has seen an organic growth with many IT tech giants investing hugely in the industry. Smaller businesses are also gradually understanding the importance of mobile apps and incorporating them in with their business plan.

Whatever your business model is, organizations are busy amalgamating their business model with different mobile application tools to get maximum benefit and a wider reach. A staggering 178 billion apps were downloaded by users in 2017 as per Statista. The number is expected to grow exponentially by 2020 and beyond.

The mobile app industry also is stated to become one of the largest revenue generators and with its current popularity; there is no stopping this trend.

Merely having a mobile app is not enough, you also have to ensure that the app caters to the changing patterns of the market and customer preferences. Anyone with resources can create an app, but the charm is to make a workable app that is downloaded and often used. By often used we mean an app that is a permanent download like  FB and Instagram. According to Gartner, less than 0.01% of the apps created will click with the customer. The figures are dismal so the challenge to create, sustain and retain is a looming one.

To ensure your mobile creates a valuable mind-share and becomes synonymous with trendy apps, don’t forget to explore the top 10 mobile app development trends for 2020.

The demands of customers are ever-growing and in this incessantly growing industry, companies need to work harder to stay flexible and ready for anything.

The trends that we have enlisted will be the smartest choices you have ever made when it comes to mobile app development.

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The Massive Rise of Beacon

Beacon technology has been at the forefront when it comes to mobile app trends for 2020. It has managed to carve a name for itself in various industries, namely the healthcare and hotel industry. Beacon technology, as the name suggests, has mainly been used for location and proximity technology. Bluetooth signals are used by the beacon to transmit signals. When beacons are fused with the Internet Of Things, it can prove to be a major turning point for customer-centric sectors like retail.

The prospects for beacon seem to be bright for 2020 with the market expected to go beyond $25 billion by 2024. The top mobile app industry trends for beacon technology for 2020 are sure to be AI-enabled chips, Automated ML and mobile payments beacon.

Impact of Wireless 5G

For all those who are not aware, 5G is not an improvisation of 4G but it has been built on a completely different architecture. Compared to 4G networks, 5G is expected to function 100 times faster offering several functionalities like data security, virtual gaming, Augmented reality and the list goes on. It is now predicted that by 2025, more than 1.4 billion devices will be run on the 5G network by 2025 that will consume 15% of the overall global usage.

Application Performance Management

Apps can be made but often there are many warts in the system that hampers the functioning, making them slower. APM was brought into the forefront as a Google Metric aiming to enhance the overall performance. To ensure a well-defined quality process, APM is a must-include in the list of mobile trends for 2020.

A Boom in Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are surely not just capturing the market, but also our hearts and yes we mean it literally. From smartwatches to fitness bands, our vital parts seem to be interacting with these devices and present a picture regularly. Technology literacy is increasing along with consumer awareness, the wearable device is sure to feature in new technology trends for 2020 chiefly because it will now shift to different body parts by 2026, a trend we only imagined a few years ago.

Power of AI

If there has been a breakthrough technology that has redefined business logic, it is the AI. In mobile application development also the role of AI has been indisputable. Some of the most popular AI technologies today are Virtual Assistants, Chatbots, NLP, Machine learning and a lot more. Different technologies make use of diversely cutthroat PHP frameworks to heighten performance. For case in point, successful chatbots have been created using the Laravel framework while the React framework also has a huge community that comes handy while working on emerging technologies. Node Framework, also one of the most popular tools in the JS library, has a broader scope.

Instant Apps

When Google launched instant apps in 2016, it wanted the developers to develop native apps that could be operated as a website without the need to download it. They are smaller in size and have the functionalities of a website. They can be availed in Google Playstore.

IoT and Mobile Apps

IoT has arrived and it is creating an impact on everything we do. For IoT to be merged with Mobile app development it has to be created on feasible platforms like Android Ubidots, Xively and ThingWorx.

VR Integration

VR is an unmissable mobile trend for 2020 and it has proved its mettle in the gaming industry. Google Cardboard is one of the oldest names in the VR technology game. AR integration in mobile apps will be one of the biggest game-changers in the world of mobile trends for 2020. We will see a lot of VR integration into mobile apps in health care, manufacturing, and advertising.

Mobile Wallets

The boom in online retailing has increased the importance of safer transactions. Registering as top mobile trends for 2020, the concept of mobile wallet came into play with Apple pay and Google wallet aiding customers in easy payment options. Mobile commerce will be trending in 2020 with blockchains merging into the world of mobile payments making it simpler and safer to use.

Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

If you want your mobile app to work tunefully and uninterrupted on manifold platforms the cloud technologies become critical for app development. The fusion of cloud computing into apps has enabled it to help store a multitude of data and enhanced the aptitude to carry out puzzling tasks at ease.

The mobile app industry is huge and will dominate the business strategies of the future. If you want yours to be big, then don’t forget to include these top mobile app development trends for 2020 while you are at it. Hire a professional developer to construct an app that will prove to be an inimitable experience for your users.