What Are the Unknown Privacy Threats of Using VR and AR?

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As VR and AR tech is taking over the digital world, you need a trusted brand that can facilitate you with smart VR services.

Apart from being the most popular terms in the advanced tech world, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) holds the powerful essence to change the future. They are not only used for gaming but with the evolution of technology, they are widely used for both recreational and professional purposes. According to the global market, VR and AR tech is valued to generate approximately $814.7 billion by 2025.

In today’s world, AR and VR tech might not be the biggest threats of all time but sooner or later they could be prone to real threats. To know more about the privacy threats or their solution, you need to learn about the tech first. Because of the better awareness you have, the safer you can stay.

What Is Virtual Reality (VR)?

You must have known the VR tech from the gaming world, but in the professional world, it’s something more advanced. VR tech replicates or creates an artificial environment that allows the user to experience something unique. From interior design to architectural purposes, you can use it for different means. You can even trick a human mind by using the advanced VR tech that makes it all look super real. Do you wonder where it begins? Well, it was initially created in the late 90s when the well-known filmmaker Morton Heilig designed the Sensorama. It was a small cabinet with a 3D display, stereo sound, vibrating seat, scent creator, and even a fan to simulate the blowing wind. These things were added to let you experience VR to its full potential. However, with the advancements in tech, VR received so many updates and now seems more remarkable to use.

What Is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR is the result of overlaying graphics onto one’s view of the real world. It’s not like the VR tech but it’s somehow related to it. The game Pokémon Go is the typical example of the AR tech available in the market recently. To offer an immersive experience, AR allows the user to view something in your device that seems absolutely real.

After knowing about the AR and VR tech, you should also know about some privacy risks.

Eye Scanning

You must have watched the classic action/thriller movies that make it look super easy for the bad guy to replicate bio-metric features of an individual and pass the security gates. Well, this kind of stuff might sound extra stupid to you but with the VR and AR tech, it is considered that soon it will require no effort to scan and track someone’s biometric features, especially eyes.

Do you want to know how? When you wear the VR headsets you focus at a direction to perform a certain action. And with this dynamic focus at a couple of things at the same time, it allows the machine to scan your eyes. Now, if you are a thing that how this gazing scan can help the hackers in attempting any malicious act so here’s a thing that you should remember. Whether it’s your phone or any smart device that you use these days, it requires a touch ID to access. And most of the devices also require you to scan your face or eyes. You never know what’ll happen in the future or how tech will turn in your favor. Even the tech veterans are expecting that the eye scanning will evolve and you might need this security method for a range of security purposes.


VR porn these days is the most searched item on the web browser. It has become pretty popular and everybody tends to look for it. According to the global VR adult entertainment market, researchers predicted that it will reach $1 billion by 2025.

This sextortion or blackmailing will work in a way where you’ll be fooled by some known personalities, who can try to promote malicious activities. And if you get trapped into the trick, you’ll get to pay a hefty amount for making them not to steal your data. Once you allow someone to access your data, that person can cause trouble to you. From stealing your data to the recent sites you’ve visited, the hacker can make things turn worse in your favor.

Playing With Reality

With advanced VR technology, you will not be able to realize the difference between the real or actual world. The headsets will hold the features that’ll allow you to experience more than expected. If you know about the gadget, Think Google Glass, then you must have an idea about the replication. It used the mage overlapping technique with the real world. Though it was failed for the general consumer market it is predicted that some tech companies are selling devices similar to this tech.

If you compare the future tech with today’s tech then the AR tech you get to see these days only let you see some reflections on your smartphone’s screen. However, with the rapid advancements, the tech is expected to turn more realistic that can cause harm to someone. According to the sci-fi, enthusiasts Augmented Reality is expected to dominate the digital market with more strength. It will allow you to watch a movie on your smartphone and experience like you’re enjoying it at the cinema. This type of alteration of reality is making it easier for the hacker to fool an individual’s mind. For instance, if you downloaded the AR app for interior designing then its smart user-interface will make things look real. If you are changing the color of the wall it will look like you’re doing it realistically. Along with that, every chance that you’ll make will make it look real and happening in front of you.

Fake Profiles

Fake profiles are already being used for fraudulent activities and with the rise in AR/VR tech, this treachery will rapidly increase. Where advancements in machine learning and facial recognition allows manipulating voice, they are expected to replicate human behavior and act. This tech will make it difficult for you to recognize the difference between the real profile and fake.

For now, it might be easier for you to differentiate between the real and fake profiles but with the rapid evolution, it is considered that popular social media platforms will also use VR and AR tech for smart functioning. If you wonder how then it is expected that motion tracking sensors would efficiently use VR tech to manipulate an individual’s movement and create replicas.

Not this only but the VR headsets can replicate your moves, facial movements, and features. In this way, it’s very simple for an individual to trick anyone. And if you think about the sound, then advanced VR headsets have smart tech that records human voice which can be used to replicate voice frequency. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is working on new tech that’ll be created from VR technology. It will not only allow them to replicate your moves but you can create your clone (more like VR avatar) that moves, talks and functions like you. Do you want to know how it will happen?

Well the VR systems you use today are restricted to certain functions which world when you command. Whereas, the upcoming VR tech will interact with you and enable you to track other VR systems. It might sound fascinating though it’s not. The security companies will definitely provide you with measures to keep your VR systems safe so that nobody can steal your identity via your VR (avatar) model. Because if gest in wrong hands, it can not only harm you but people related to you. You can also get blackmailed or become a victim of several cybercrimes.

Now comes the question where you need to look for measures that can protect you from being victimized:

Avoid Sharing Your Personal or Professional Information

Try not to disclose your information to anyone. Whether it’s for downloading a document or for other reasons, you don’t have to share your personal or professional information with the system even. Most of the time, when you shop online, the system requires your card info for online transactions which you cannot avoid. In such cases, it’s better if you shop from trusted platforms only.

Do Read the Privacy Policies

Have you ever read the page of privacy policy before installing any app or software? Well, the majority of people don’t even bother to give a to the policy page. In the world where high-end tech and machine learning I staking over the world, it is important for you to read the policies carefully. It might hold some factors that you wouldn’t agree with if you’ve known before. That’s why you should skip the privacy policies before jumping to access apps.

Access Secure Online Platforms

To keep your data safe, you must visit platforms that are secure to access. In case you join any group chat or VR and AR online communities, make sure that you don’t share any personal information. Also, stay attentive to notice any malicious activity happening around you.


As VR and AR tech is taking over the digital world, you need a trusted brand that can facilitate you with smart VR services that can help you with keeping your system safe. To consult the industry specialists you can also consult experts at Six Sigma Studios, who’ll provide you with the right VR and AR services across the state.