What Blogs Should You Be Reading as an E-Commerce Company?

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We are bringing you the list of blogs you should be reading as an eCommerce company. Check it out!

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular and there is pressure on today’s shops on providing a great online shopping experience.

According to Statista:

  • Retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.3 trillion US dollars
  • Experts project they will grow up to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021.
  • Just the top 3 online stores’ revenue amounted to almost 100 billion US dollars in 2017.

With the growth of e-commerce, the need for new knowledge is becoming essential. The technology is changing fast and blogs are an excellent way of staying up-to-date with the latest trends. Unfortunately, most of the e-commerce sites don’t feature blogs. Their money is invested in building email marketing sequences or advertising campaigns for attracting customers. But what they don’t realize is that blogs are also a great way of promoting your company while sharing knowledge and helping the community.

On the other hand, there are still lots of e-commerce blogs that present a great source of new knowledge and examples that you can implement in your own e-commerce.

Why Blogs?! The form is simple and it quickly explains the most important things related to e-commerce while also giving useful tips.

With the help of relevant blogs, you can improve your own e-commerce and tailor it according to the latest trends. That’s why we are bringing you the 10 e-commerce blogs you should be reading!

1. A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand is a great blog that helps entrepreneurs who are starting their e-commerce journey, but also the ones who want to stay tuned with the latest news from the IT sector. The blog futures lots of tips, resources, and helpful tools that are going to help you improve your ecommerce.

The author of the blog is Richard Lazazzera, a famous ecommerce entrepreneur as well as former Shopify and Growth Team strategist. Also, he is currently serving more than 100,00 entrepreneurs monthly. It is safe to say, he will have some good tips for you!

Furthermore, the page allows you to filter the topics by build, launch and grow, or filter by theme.

Here are some of the interesting blogs:

  1. Step-by-step: How to Start 11 Different Types of Ecommerce Business
  2. Online Business Ideas to Get You Started Making Money on the Internet
  3. How to Increase Website Traffic: 6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Business

2. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the perfect blog if you are trying to grow your business. There are lots of blogs on the topic: How are customers buying, how to attract new customers, what should you include, etc. Furthermore, BigCommerce is the best platform for growing sales! They have saved up to $100,000 on maintenance and application cost while their customers exercised 34% more online sales than stores on other platforms.

We recommend searching for categories like e-commerce marketing, ecommerce research, enterprise ecommerce, how to sell online, omnichannel strategies and product news.

We recommend reading the following blogs:

  1. How Personalization Can Reduce Ecommerce Bounce Rates by 20-30%
  2. Don’t Miss These Top Ecommerce Conferences in 2019
  3. How to (Realistically) Start an Online Ecommerce Business That Actually Grows in 2019

3. Convince and Convert eCommerceFuel

This blog is #1 Content Marketing Blog in the World, according to Content Marketing Institute! The blog combines to very connected areas; marketing and ecommerce. By reading their blogs you can find out something more about Content marketing, email, online reputation, etc.

Also, you can learn how to increase sales through social networks, how to write great ecommerce content, how to keep the conversion process optimized and many more interesting topics.

The founder of Convince and Convert is Jay Bear, the author of one of the NY Times bestsellers – Youtility for Real Estate: Why Smart Real Estate Professionals are Helping, Not Selling.

Let’s look at some of the blogs you should definitely read:

  1. How to Boost eCommerce Sales with Instagram
  2. The Pinterest Buy Button Might Rock Your Commerce
  3. Why You Should Be Focusing on Customer Retention, Not Acquisition

4. Veeqo

Another great blog that provides a wide range of tips, resources, strategies, and tools that you can use to build and grow your ecommerce business. Veeqo is aiming at entrepreneurs and retail business owners of all levels. So, if you are in this group, you should definitely start reading!

Trendy topics to read include omnichannel retailing, social commerce, sales, marketing, shipping and inventory management.

The blogs you should check out:

  1. How to Roll Out a Winning Omnichannel Strategy in Your Retail Business
  2. Social Commerce in 2019: The Latest Strategies to Master Selling on Social Media
  3. Selling on Pinterest: How to Build a Following & Make Sales on Pinterest in 2019

5. Get Elastic

Great blog to learn about topics like digital transformation, headless commerce, mobile, omnichannel or IoT. Get Elastic was named #1 Subscribed Ecommerce Blog by PostRank and number 1 of the 15 entrepreneur blogs worth reading by the Wall Street Journal. Furthermore, we recommend this blog even to developers. There are lots of great tips and articles related to APIs, PWAs or Security.

Blogs after our taste are:

  1. Embracing mobile commerce: 6 ways to optimize
  2. Convert your mobile browsers into buyers with these recommendations
  3. Why January is chargebacks nightmare for retailers

6. Neil Patel Blog

As you guessed, the founder of this amazing blog is Neil Patel. He is also the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital and his website Neil Patel: Helping You Succeed Through Online Marketing is a place to go! You can find great tips about marketing, SEO, social media, ecommerce, email marketing and so on. Neil is one of the best marketers in the world and his blog is a must-read for any ecommerce.

The great thing about the blog is interaction. When writing blogs, he gives lots of examples and demonstrates everything theoretical. Thus, making it really easy to read and follow through. Also, he encourages readers to leave comments and marks. In this way, he is interacting with people and companies around the world and you can be one of them.

The blogs we personally like:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For E-commerce
  2. How To Use Google Images to Drive E-commerce Sales Before Your Competitors Catch On
  3. 5 Most Important Factors for Success in E-commerce

7. Practical Ecommerce

Now, this is a blog for all merchants! Practical Ecommerce has been helping businesses since 2005. and they are great at it. You can find your perfect business strategies for succeeding online or just great tips&trics of the ecommerce world.

They offer different categories you can search: Amazon & MArketplace, Analytics & Data, B2B, Conversion, Design & Development, Management & Finance, Marketing & Advertising, Merchant Voice, SEO, Shipping & Fulfillment.

The senior contributing editor, Armando Roggio is an ecommerce expert you need to follow if you want to be up to date with the news from the ecommerce world. He is very active on twitter and likes to share his experiences and tips.

Articles to read:

  1. 4 Safeguards to Prevent Credit Card Fraud
  2. 5 Tips for Selling without Discounting
  3. 7 Digital marketing Channels for Apparel Wholesalers

8. RefferralCandy Blog

Now this one is a little bit different. RefferralCandy is an authorized marketing program for ecommerce business. It is great for getting batter WOM (word of the month) and customer referral. They have more than 3,000 online stores and publish a post about metrics, benchmarks, maximization of conversions for your online store and more.

Start learning right now! Check out these blogs:

  1. How to Promote Your Referral Program – 8 Strategies To Getting More Advocates
  2. 6 Steps to Finding Out What Your eCommerce Customer Really Want

9. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is where you can go and read about all new technology innovations. They have been reporting about trends, technologies, new tech companies, and products for nearly 15 years. Their blog posts are great if you are interested in reading about augmented reality, startups and meetups about technology.

Don’t miss:

  1. Scooter startup Bird tried to silence a journalist. It did not go well
  2. Tumblr says it’s fixed a security bag, but says ‘no evidence’ any user data was exposed
  3. 3 Big Reasons Why People Abandon Carts and Solutions to Them

10. The Shopify Blog

Last but not least, the Shopify blog is one of the most famous ecommerce blogs. On their pages, you can read all about e-commerce marketing, online business startup, and updates in Shopify ecommerce.

Also, there is always a discussion in the comment section in which you can learn a lot since most of the commentators are ecommerce experts. Also, you can engage in the discussion and find answers to your problems.

Interesting topics to read:

  1. How to Develop a New Product (From Concept to Market)
  2. Home Business Ideas: 8 Ways to Start a Work-From-Home Business
  3. Pricing Strategy: 10 Ways to Find the Perfect Price for Your Products

Thinking About Starting Your Own E-Commerce Blog?

If you are e-commerce than you have lots of knowledge to share. Personal blog is a great way of talking about the problems and solutions you’ve encountered. Just as you are reading all of these ten blogs, all the other companies are searching for new ones. So, share your knowledge and start typing!

In Blue Factory we like to share knowledge and write about our experiences. Therefore, we have a very active website when it comes to blogs! We are writing about Android development and iOS mobile apps as well as blogs like Shopping cart abandonment in e-commerce or why your retail business needs a mobile app?

Take a look at our blogs and contact us if you have any questions or need a tip!