What Does Business Manager Bring to Your Business?

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More leads. More brand visibility.

Do you know how to reach more prospects? Now you are a step closer!

Business Manager is a free Facebook tool that helps you organize your ads and track their performance. By shaping promotions, you raise your brand awareness and drive more users to your Facebook page and Website. This platform makes it easy to get new clients and boost your business growth.

Let’s see how to create a Business Manager account and what it brings to your business in a step-by-step guide.

How to create a Business Manager account?

To create a Business Manager for your pages, you need to have an active personal Facebook account for identity verification. One person can open up to two Business Manager accounts, but Facebook allows access to multiple accounts for those working for more than two businesses. In that case, you can ask your coworker or business partner to set up the Business Manager following our steps and give you admin access to it.

Open the Business Manager by clicking on business.facebook.com/overview. You will have to sign in to your personal account first and then tap on “Create Account”, as shown in the image below.

Enter the requested data (Business name, your name, and your business email) and proceed by clicking on “Submit”.

How to connect your Facebook pages to your Business Manager account

To connect a Facebook Page (aka business page) to the Business Manager, follow these steps if you are an Admin of the page for at least seven days. In another case, there are some differences in the process, which we will cover a little bit later.

When you open “Business Settings”, the first step to adding your business page is a click on the gear on the left Menu Bar.


Go to the “Accounts” section and click on “Pages”. Tap on “Add” and choose “Add a Page” on the drop-down menu (look at the image below).

Enter the name of the Page or its URL.

If you administer the page, you successfully added it to the Business Manager account. If that is not the case, Facebook will notify an admin to confirm this step. Note that there is some divergence if you are Page Admin for less than seven days. Facebook will send a notification to the page to transfer the page ownership to the Business Manager account.

In that case, click on “Respond to Request”, then on “Transfer ownership of my Page”, and that should be it. You are ready to take further steps.

Note that one Business Manager can contain as many pages as you need. It means that you don’t have to create a new Business Manager account for every separate Facebook Page. When you have one page connected to your Business Manager account, the dashboard will look like something in the image below. But the steps for adding more pages remain the same.

And that’s it! You are done and ready to get more leads and improve your brand visibility! It may take you more than a few steps, but your business is worth it.

Business Manager is an all-in-one tool and serves you to create ads also on Instagram. How to connect an Instagram account to a BM account and how to create an Ad account? Download our Step-by-step Guide to Easier Ads Management and get bonus steps to boost your ads by adding Facebook Pixel!

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