What Does It Cost To Hire PHP Developer?

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PHP is the best programming language used for creating a dynamic interactive website. Since 1994, PHP powers millions of websites. It comes with countless options to meet web development needs and create a customized product. Turn your idea into a dynamic website, and hire a custom PHP web developer to make your work easier.

PHP is a mighty, highly secure, and easy to use platform. The demand for PHP across the globe has garnered developers based on a reputed PHP development company. Popular websites like Yahoo, Flickr, WordPress, Tumblr, AliExpress, Facebook, MailChimp, etc. run on the PHP framework. Building a custom website results in exciting and useful benefits. Also, the website turns user-friendly for visitors and can cope easily with added functionality. The thing is we need to make the best online presence with the best customer experience.

Points to consider to increase online presence

  • Get a well-customized website to generate businesses.
  • Get custom web solutions to give a competitive edge.
  •  Choose a web development company for advanced solutions.
  •  Prepare your questionnaire
  •  Get Server-Side Scripting
  •  Check Website Security

Understand the benefits of using PHP

It’s free to download and open-source. PHP helps to makes development faster, simple, and easier. Talking about PHP community developers, it’s enormous, code libraries, always share upgrades, and more.

If you plan to build a PHP website, then the cost is low and comes with numerous integrated solutions. It requires no initial cost like other languages.

There comes a few live examples like Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia that help to scale the business. It helps to establish the scalability and flexibility of PHP.

Speed & Versatility
The code you develop on PHP runs on all significant platforms and works seamlessly on Linux, macOS, Windows and UNIX. It supports central web servers like Apache, Personal Web Server, and Microsoft Internet Information Server flows with unmatchable speed.

Things to determine before choosing PHP developer

PHP is one of the oldest and popular programming languages. It used in the development of both static and dynamic websites. Understand the few things that you need to check and scan while selecting a PHP developer.

  • Should know frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP
  • In-depth knowledge of the PHP programming language
  • Experience working with SQL/MySQL databases
  • HTML and CSS handy
  • A fine understanding of JavaScript
  • Good Experience working with OOP
  • Should be acquainted with control systems

Now that we know what things to consider, one can opt for a pre-built template to save costs in the beginning before hiring a web developer.

Let’s move on to where to find relevant PHP developers

One best way to hire a skilled developer is from a PHP development company. One gets several ways to find and hire a custom PHP web developer. A few of them are listed below:

Freelancer Marketplace
One can look for reputed marketplaces like Peopleperhour, Freelancer, Upwork, etc., and hire an expert PHP developer. These are the trusted platforms that allow you to connect and bid the developer of your choice and need.

Job Portals
It’s one of the easiest ways to hire a PHP developer and connect with job seekers on job portals. The developers from various PHP development companies or any Web Development Company post their resumes on such portals that make it easier for recruiters to choose their project’s right candidate.

Web Development Company
Hire a developer from Laravel development company by understanding the pricing and programmer capability. It’s crucial to understand the website needs, programmer availability, cost to hire an app developer and project complexity. The best way to minimize your hassles is by partnering with a PHP development company.

Quick Questions

1. What’s the cost of hiring a PHP Developer in India?

The custom PHP web developer fees largely depend on Experience, skillset, expertise, knowledge, supporting infrastructure, etc. Note that we aren’t considering the factors like time, complexity, and quality independent of a particular project.

The rate could vary from city to city as from $20 to $50 per hour in general. But it could increase from $50+ per hour in Bengaluru depending on skill level. Choosing the hourly rate scenario is an ideal solution for companies looking for short-term projects. However, deciding the hourly rate won’t define the total cost of the project. As it requires story mapping, licensing, production environment, and other copyrights centered around it.

2. What’s the cost of outsourcing PHP developers in India?

Opting for outsourcing is one of the ideal options if you want to cut down costs. The freelancer cost usually less compares to full-time employees as they require additional costs more for funds, workplace, resources, etc. Whereas the developers from locations like the UK, US, and Europe are costlier compared to India. Based on the average rate, the cost is from $50-$60 per hour. Hire professionals through an agency or hire a WordPress Development Company in India and get work done without additional charges.

Wrapping Lines

We know PHP has a long way to go. Hire a custom PHP web developer rather than going for templates. But before you hire a PHP developer for your project, make sure you understand the cost to hire an app developer and know few complexities.

To wrap up, know that your app cost is directly comparative to your web app’s features. Do not forget that developers’ hiring rate depends on the number of qualification levels, Expertise, and Experience. If you want to turn your idea into a competitive, functional, and dynamic website, hire a Laravel developer with good experience.

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