What Is a Marketing Agency, and What Services Does a Marketing Agency Provide?

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According to a Forrester report, worldwide marketing spending will increase and hit $4.7 trillion by 2025, with over $350 billion on digital marketing alone.

Looking for the best way to invest in your inbound or outbound marketing and attract more leads? Do you feel like your existing marketing strategies and efforts are not providing the outcomes you require to scale your business? This means you need to hire a marketing agency! Whether you are a new startup or an established business, marketing agencies can help maximize returns from various campaigns.

So, what is a marketing agency? From service offerings to the benefits they provide, here is everything you need to know about a marketing agency

What Is a Marketing Agency?

A marketing agency helps clients manage and implement marketing strategies and operations to achieve set business goals. These firms consist of skilled individuals who help clients attract and retain customers while improving user experience (UX) through various channels.

Are you finding it difficult to get new customers with your current ad strategies? A professional full-service marketing agency can help!

Whether you want to align your brand with customer needs, promote new services or products, or consider other advertising channels or creative solutions, marketing agencies provide the necessary knowledge, experience, and skill set to help scale your brand. What are some things marketing agencies can do for your brand? Here is how these agencies can help your business.

  • Identify marketing strategies to help grow your brand faster: A marketing agency can work with various clients around the world to pinpoint strategies to drive better business outcomes and increase ROIs.
  • Implement new marketing solutions to improve results: Marketing agencies manage and execute campaigns to drive business growth for clients.
  • Analyze marketing success: These agencies track marketing efforts and strategies and utilize data to enhance campaign results.

Is a marketing agency the same as a marketing firm? Let’s find out!

Marketing Agency vs Marketing Firm: Which One to Choose?

Many companies call themselves marketing agencies or marketing firms. Even though both terms are largely similar and involve working with clients to create, manage, and evaluate marketing campaigns, they do differ slightly.

So, what is a marketing firm, and what is a marketing agency? While marketing firms are groups of trained experts specializing in one or two marketing areas, marketing agencies provide various services and solutions to implement integrated strategies for your business goals. Unlike firms, agencies are groups of individuals or agents who work under one brand but act independently.

What Services Does a Marketing Agency Offer?

Marketing agencies engage in multi-channel, wide-ranging campaigns, utilizing social media platforms to target clients’ audiences and meet business goals. The right marketing agency can make or break your brand. Instead of relying on one strategy, these agencies develop customized solutions to address your SMART goals and seek ways to attract your niche target market. Professional marketing agencies can seamlessly tailor packages and services for your brand based on set goals, development, and budget.

Here’s a list of services a marketing agency may offer:

  • Digital Advertising: From Google to Facebook, they help manage your advertising effectively and efficiently.
  • Creative Design: Build various design elements like layouts for logos and lead magnets, graphics for websites, and advertisements that include images and videos.
  • Web Development: Help create and manage a customized website.
  • SEO: Improve your online presence, leading to more traffic and opportunities for conversion.
  • Social Media Marketing Management: Manage and maximize your brand’s online presence on various social media platforms such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Copywriting: Create copy for social media, websites, emails, blogs, and ads to strengthen brand image.
  • Email Marketing: There are over 4 billion email users worldwide, and the number is only increasing. Marketing agencies can help connect your business with targeted customers using email marketing. They help create and monitor email marketing campaigns.
  • Strategic Planning & Analysis: This includes evaluating your brand’s existing marketing campaigns and outcomes and finding ways to improve your online presence. Your marketing agency can build custom strategies to meet various business goals.
  • Media Planning & Purchasing: Purchase and manage ad spaces on radio, TV, billboards, and various other media.
  • Funnel Management/Building: Help you create, manage or clean various marketing funnels customers experience when interacting with your business.

5 Types of Marketing Agencies

Are you planning to hire a reliable marketing agency to grow your business? Choose one that best meets your requirements and goals. After all, not every marketing agency performs similar functions. For example, some agencies focus on one channel or marketing aspect, while others (full-service) offer various marketing resources and services. Here are the five types of agencies you can leverage to help scale your brand:

Ad Agency

Often called creative agencies, advertising (ad) agencies have a massive scope and help manage paid ads, including print and digital. They help create graphics, publish ads and manage traffic for clients.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing agencies level up your business through creative marketing solutions and services, tailored strategies, impeccable execution, and channel expertise. Specializing in various online platforms, they help analyze your existing customer base and digital ads to create compelling email, web, and social media advertisements while improving SEO rankings.

Sales or Promotion

Sales or promotion marketing agencies focus on ads related to specific products to attract more sales and handle current sales traffic.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM agencies can help improve your social media marketing campaigns. Not only do they create content for social channels, but they can also publish and monitor it. In addition, many agencies provide content calendars (also known as marketing or editorial calendars) to keep content marketing efforts on track and well organized.

Public Relations (PR)

PR agencies manage your brand’s reputation through paid, earned, and owned communications. Many agencies create ad campaigns and public speaking and outreach events. They help businesses create positive relationships with key stakeholders and the public to help achieve their SMART goals. While approaches and specializations vary, all agencies have, more or less, similar goals – that is, to drive business growth.

To stay relevant in this competitive digital world, marketing agencies must provide clients with their desired results. This usually means offering quality leads, traffic, and increased sales and conversions. With many marketing agencies available, competition has increased tremendously, forcing agencies to seek innovative ways to stand out.

Benefits of Hiring Marketing Agencies

Are you still wondering whether your business needs a marketing agency to pull through and drive business growth? Here are a few reasons why your brand should consider hiring a seasoned marketing agency.

1. Identify Result-oriented Strategies

Unsure which marketing platforms and services will help your company progress? With a credible and experienced marketing agency at your back to create a comprehensive marketing strategy, you can effectively drive improved business results. In addition, an efficient marketing strategy will enable you to assess your marketing efforts impact better. That way, you can pinpoint channels or platforms that work best for your brand goals.

2. Implement and Manage Marketing Campaigns

Creating, launching, and managing your marketing campaigns can be increasingly challenging, even for established businesses. However, marketing agencies have got your back! When you collaborate with a reliable marketing agency, you gain access to a team of industry specialists who can efficiently manage your marketing campaigns. This way, you save time and leverage industry-leading expertise to grow your business.

3. Optimize Campaigns and Track Results

Marketing efforts and strategies require continuous optimization and monitoring to deliver maximum returns. A marketing agency not only helps optimize campaigns but also tracks results. In addition, it can also provide custom reporting and analytics to show where marketing spending goes. If you feel that some channels are underperforming, a marketing agency can help adjust your channel spending or campaigns to meet your set goals.

4. Create a Strong Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness or recognition is arguably the main goal of marketing. After all, it’s about crafting a brand message that your niche target audience will love, and a marketing agency can help you achieve that. Seasoned marketing agencies will help develop or change marketing strategies to improve customers’ perception of your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a marketing agency do?

Marketing agencies help businesses shape their marketing strategies and campaigns. They can serve businesses (clients) worldwide in one or more marketing areas to achieve set business goals.

What is the difference between a Marketing Agency and an Advertising Agency?

Although both marketing and advertising agencies help drive business growth, their results and approaches differ slightly. While an ad agency specializes in direct marketing, advertising, and other communication programs, a marketing agency provides a wider, consultative solution to build marketing strategies.

Why should companies hire a Marketing Agency?

Believe it or not, a dedicated and experienced marketing agency’s benefits outweigh its costs. Here are a few convincing reasons why you should hire one. A marketing agency:

  • Freshens your marketing efforts and strategies
  • Increases your focus on your business
  • Saves both time and costs
  • Provides creative ideas
  • Helps you achieve better ROI
  • Keeps you updated and informed

Who needs a Marketing Agency?

Any business or brand that wants to reach its targeted audience and increase its online presence, leads, conversions, sales or revenue should hire a seasoned marketing agency.

Why are such agencies called ‘Marketing Agencies’?

They’re called marketing agencies because they help clients implement various digital marketing strategies and services to accomplish different business goals.

What are the types of Marketing Agencies?

If you lack specific experience and skill in campaign control and execution, marketing agencies can help! Here are a some different types of marketing agencies that you can take advantage of:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Creative Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising Marketing
  • Brand Agency
  • Sales/Promotion Agency
  • Traditional Agency
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Production & Design Agency
  • Content Agency

How does a Marketing Agency get clients?

According to one report, 65% of marketing agency clients come from referrals. Listed below are some other ways marketing agencies get clients:

  • Promoting themselves
  • Incorporating content marketing
  • Launching newsletters
  • Soliciting referrals
  • Increasing presence on social media channels
  • Showing their audience their projects


Believe it or not, a marketing agency is one of the best ways to promote your brand and increase your number of customers. When working with professional marketing agencies, you can create new ads that are cost-effective, eye-grabbing, and revenue-generating. However, finding the best marketing agency services to boost your brand can be challenging, especially when the market is full of various options.

At Fortunatos DM Agency, we help take your brand journey and marketing efforts to the next level. For more information, visit our website or contact us today!