What is the Cost of Developing a Beer Delivery App?

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Most businesses are confused about the cost of developing a beer delivery app. This article will help you get an approx cost to build a delivery app.

How excited do you feel while ordering your favourite booze online? Getting beer delivery at the doorsteps was once a dream which now has been made possible with the help of the on-demand liquor delivery apps.

Alcohol delivery apps are booming in the market since the lockdowns were implemented amid COVID 19 crisis. Till date, people fear to step out of their homes henceforth, choose to order the needed essentials online.

Some of the most popular alcohol delivery apps who hit the mind of the people are Drizly, Wine.com, Saucey, Minibar, and so forth. Looking at the success of these alcohol delivery apps, many businesses have started investing in developing such apps for their business.

The most curious question which every business goes through is the cost to build a liquor delivery app. Thus, in this write up, we will be going through a few crucial factors which will help you to get the cost of alcohol delivery app.

But, before that let us first go through how to build an alcohol delivery app. This will give you a better idea of the cost of app development.

Bottles in a Bucket - What is the Cost of Developing a Beer Delivery App?How to Build a Beer Delivery App?

Well, to build a liquor delivery app, you have two options. The first one is to build a beer delivery app from the scratch by hiring a software development company. And, on the other hand, you can just buy the liquor delivery clone

by customizing it as per your business modules. Once you decide the type app development process, it is the time to focus on a few important parts of the liquor delivery app.

First and foremost thing that you need to decide is the type of alcohol delivery app you want to build. Are you looking forward to building an application for your own store or want to build a marketplace for your business? In short, decide the one between marketplace app and dedicated app.

Once, you’re clear with this thing, it’s time to build a business model for your business. Decide the platform you want to build an app alcohol delivery app. See what audience you’re targeting and then choose the platform for the same.

The important thing here is to decide the features of your alcohol delivery app. In the initial phase, we would recommend you to go with the minimal features, and later keep updating the app with new features. A few must-have for the beer delivery app are mentioned below.

Features of User App:

Login: Let’s user to login through social media or manually.

View Liquor Listing: Users can check out the listing of various beers, liquors, and more. The needed details are made available here.

Apply Filters: With the help of the advanced filters, users can find their favourite drinks.

Add to the Cart & Checkout: Users can add their favourite beer in the cart and place the order.

Type of Payment: Users can either make the payment online or COD.

Track Order: Once the order is placed and shipped, users will be able to track the order and know the expected delivery time.

Reviews & Ratings: Users can give feedback about the services and products.

Features of Store Owner Panel:

Order Management: Owners can track and manage every order.

Manage Products: Owners can add or remove the products based on availability.

Generate Customer Gift Message: As per the user needs, a personal gift message will be sent with delivery.

Add Coupons & Offers: To attract the users, owners are free to add discount offers for any period of time.

These are a few important features that you can add in your beer delivery app. Another most important thing to keep in mind to build a beer delivery app is the UX/UI design of the app. The users will come to your app for the second time only when they have good experience for the first time. And, that’s possible with a clean and attractive UX/UI design of the app.

So, that’s all about how to build a beer delivery app. Now, let’s move towards the cost of developing a beer delivery app.

Bottles on a Counter - What is the Cost of Developing a Beer Delivery App?Cost of Building a Beer Delivery App

Well, the cost of developing an app may vary depending on many factors. A few crucial factors which will help you to decide an average cost of beer delivery app development are as given below.

Region of App Development Company

The cost of development varies from region to region. Therefore, it is one of the major factors which will help you decide the cost of your app development. The cost can range from $50 to $250 per hour based on the location of the company.  

Platform For App

Are you planning to build an app for Android and iOS both? Then it will cost you more. Hybrid app development cost will lower than that of native app development.

Number of Features and Complexity

As the number of features increases the development time will be more. And the increase in development time is directly proportional to the cost. The second thing to take a note here is the complexity of the features.

UX/UI Design of the App

UX/UI holds importance in the success of an application. Henceforth, never compromise with the UX/UI design of your application.

These are a few major factors that will help you to get the average cost of your beer delivery app development. Despite all, there are a few more like API integrations, Quality Assurance, the experience of the developers, and much more.

To build an app with the functionalities mentioned above will require about 20-25 weeks of development time. We cannot provide you with an approx. price of development, but the average cost may range from $70,000 to $1,50,000 when going with a standard software development company. Again, the cost may vary based on your requirements.

Bottles lined up - What is the Cost of Developing a Beer Delivery App?Are you Ready To Build Your Beer Delivery App?

On-demand delivery apps have observed a huge rise amid COVID-19. People are choosing online services over the traditional ones due to the fear of COVID. And, with passing time, they have become more comfortable with online things.

Henceforth, we could say that it is high time to build a beer delivery app for your business. It is a one-time investment with promising ROIs.

Wishing you good luck with your beer delivery app!