What Marketing Advice Does Every Entrepreneur Need To Hear?!

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Entrepreneurship sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

You are your own boss. You may work from home, the office, coffee shops, or a beach, if you like. You decide when you work, how you work, and with whom, right?

But what if I tell you that it’s not always like that.

I am in my late forties and my entrepreneurial story started in the 1950s. You may ask yourself, how is that possible?

As the third generation of entrepreneurs in my family I have watched my grandfather and then my father had their own business. I know how it is like to grow, but also how it is like not to sell anything and having to close your own business. But they didn’t stop working. They just changed focus.

And that’s it. You always have to go on!

So, entrepreneurship is all about your passion! About ups and downs, and about working your ass off to get where you want to.

It is also about being confused every day about everything, especially marketing.

After working in tourism & customer services, journalism, photography and videography, sales and marketing, for us & for companies, I’ve connected all my passions in creative services & project management. Our full-service marketing agency – Total Idea – is a result of that process.

I want to share my experiences with you. Our latest work, our best work, but also work and cooperations that were not so successful.

Successful entrepreneurship is the ability to recognize an opportunity while it is still taking shape.

I am here to help YOU see that opportunity, overcome obstacles and save your time!

My mission is to help YOU, as a business owner, to succeed.

My fusion of creative services & project management tools, with 15 plus years in the business, will provide YOU practical tips & tools.

We build our reputation by giving more than our clients asked from us.

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