What Web Development Firm to Choose in 2022?

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A high-quality website is an effective instrument to bring credibility to any business.

A high-quality website is an effective instrument to bring credibility to any business. However, it is not easy to create one with an intuitive design and reliable functionality. Therefore, it’s a good idea to hire an experienced web development company that will assist you in building a high-quality web product.

In this article, we will share useful advice on how to choose a reliable web development firm in 2022.

Points to consider prior to starting a project

Below is the list of questions that you need to answer before starting a discussion on your project with a web development company:

  • What type of website do you want to create?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • What problems should your website solve?
  • Do you know your competitors?
  • What is your budget?
  • What functionality does your website require?
  • Would you like to scale your web solution?

Also, you should decide whether you require a custom website, or a ready solution would be enough. The choice will depend on the project’s complexity.

A common way is to get a template-based website with WordPress. This way of development requires less cost, but you’re limited on configurations. Furthermore, the design and functionality are standard, which means many websites look like yours.

When choosing between custom websites or templates, the first option is preferable for unique and complex projects.

Advice for choosing a web development agency

1. Look at their case studies

The proficiency of the company is proved by its portfolio. Here, you can see the projects they delivered.

Look at the website of a web development firm you’d like to collaborate with. An experienced agency will demonstrate the created solutions reflecting their skills.

2. Test the social proof

You can check platforms Owler, Glassdoor, and Clutch, that collect feedback from the clients of IT agencies worldwide.

Here’s one of the client reviews about Codica on Clutch.

Furthermore, it will be helpful to find information about companies’ awards and certifications. For instance, Codica was named among the top web development companies in Ukraine for the third year in a row by Clutch.

3. Discuss your involvement in the web development

Transparency of the web development process is also essential. You should discuss with the agency the level of your involvement in the developing process and how often the company will provide you with status reports.

4. Check their technical competence

Choose a web development and design firm that has proven expertise in both frontend and backend technologies to receive a responsive, fast-loading, and secure web solution.

Our team uses the following tech stack to build reliable web solutions:

Cybersecurity is another essential aspect of any business. Here is a list of questions you need to ask the website services provider:

  • What tech stack do they use?
  • How do they adapt to the latest trends and technologies?
  • How long has the agency worked with the technologies chosen for your idea implementation?
  • Are their solutions in line with search engine requirements and technical standards?
  • How do they guarantee cybersecurity for their solutions?

If you want to create your website from scratch, you’ll need a team of specialists that includes:

  • Project managers;
  • Frontend and backend developers;
  • UX/UI designers;
  • QA engineers;
  • DevOps engineers.

5. Confirm they provide the services required for website development

Website development agencies vary in the services delivered. However, several of these services show that a firm follows standards and practices when developing a web solution.

Discovery phase

Surely, product discovery sessions positively influence the product output. Thanks to these sessions, a provider can outline the viability of the customer’s idea, determine tech stack, costs, and time needed for developing a project.

Creating an MVP

Web development agencies consider developing a minimum viable product (MVP) a good practice to test the idea and eliminate risks. Moreover, an MVP assists you optimize costs for building the web solution.

UI and UX design

Of course, a website should have a user-friendly design with enhanced UX and an appealing UI that reflects the corporate company brand.

Optimization and QA

Website development companies should check with automation and manual tests if the website works correctly.

Maintenance and support

It is also essential to choose a website development firm that provides maintenance and scaling of your website.

6. Discover their development approach

There are two main methodologies for web product development: Agile and Waterfall.

In the Waterfall methodology, a team moves to the next development stage after the previous one is finished.

Agile methodology means moving in small steps and testing a product at each stage of website development.

It is better for startups to choose web development agencies that use the Agile methodology. Thus, it will be easier to make changes in the process and adjust your web solution to the market needs.


In this article, we have succinctly discussed how to choose a reliable website development team to implement your project’s idea.

At Codica, we know how to create high-quality web products that help to grow your business.

Check our portfolio to see the successful web solutions that we’ve delivered to our customers. We’re always glad to discuss your idea and assist you to create a great web product. Feel free to contact us.

The article was initially published on the Codica Blog.