Why Architects Should Be Posting More Online

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Architects should be pushing as much quality content as they can online. Not only will your search engine optimization (SEO) soar, what you share and how often you share will drive your online presence to a maximum level of impact in your community.

Some anxiety may arise surrounding sharing your ideas online. You may begin to believe that people will just steal your innovative concepts. But, the rewards that you receive from increasing your online content far outweigh the potential damages. So, share your projects, share your sketches, and even share some behind-the-scenes photos, because it will only add fuel to your online presence and your business.

Why Should I Share?


Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of an online presence. SEO is the process of enhancing the quality and increasing the quantity of traffic to your website by boosting the visibility of your site to users of an internet search engine (such as Google). If you have optimal SEO, when someone searches the internet for a service related to that which you provide, your website will appear higher on the list of websites presented by Google. The amount that you post and the quality of the content that you post all contribute to your SEO. And, the simple fact is, if you do not post, you cannot be found.

Increased Exposure

Posting regularly on social media or on your website keeps people coming back for more. If you are sharing engaging content that your viewers are interested in, you will begin to organically increase traffic to your website. Think your particular take on a project is new and innovative? Take a video of your process and post it on Instagram. Did you read a recent article on a breaking story in the architecture world? Share the link on your company’s Twitter. Millions of users scroll through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter each day—make sure your name pops up on their feed!

Personal Connections

Sharing your opinions, tactics, and processes online gives your clients and prospects a deeper look into your company, your beliefs, your systems, and your ethics. Consistently sharing content online that exposes your business’s personality creates a stronger impact on your clients. Instead of having to sell yourself in 30 minutes during a meeting with a potential client, your social media and online presence will have already built up a reputation, giving the client a profound understanding of your business.

Community Creation

Communities are constantly created online. Think about it – you are producing content for a specific niche of architecture enthusiasts that want to stay up-to-date on the newest trends in the field. Your followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter are constantly yearning for new media—so give it to them!

Your followers will become a community, and that community will become a support network. Likes and comments may objectively seem trivial, but they are all working to enlarge a community through conversation, banter, and a general sharing of ideas. Your community will want to see you succeed. This, in turn, will boost your online presence even further and increase exposure.

Don’t Just Share, Teach

Especially in the world of architecture, people are not just interested in the finished product—they want to see the process behind the masterpiece. People are no longer content with just witnessing a beautiful piece of architecture, they want to learn how to design themselves. Instead of uploading an image of your latest piece and simply stating something along the lines of, “This is my beautiful piece of art,” take the time to describe the grit, determination, and meticulous steps that brought you to your final product.

You could even post a photograph of your piece on Instagram and then in the caption, link out to a blog-post on your website that describes your process in detail. This will not only increase your SEO, but it will also strengthen the bonds that you have with your clients and customers, as it produces a more interactive experience with your business.

How Do I Share?

Post professional photographs of your completed projects and behind-the-scenes footage/photographs of the stages and the process.

This means when you have worked with a client, share your work for them on social media. If agreed upon, provide the name of the client, a list of the design team, the materials used in the project, etc. Then, link out to a longer blog post detailing your work with the client.

Yourself: Make sure that you give people the inside scoop on who you are as a person and as a company. Let clients know who they are working with and let prospects witness your strengths and values.

Add links to innovative or interesting articles you may have seen on other websites.


Write blog posts on case-studies detailing your experience and work with the customer. Interviews are fantastic blog opportunities. Interview your clients and your employees about their experience in the process to give users and prospects and look into how you work.


Sharing your work is a scary concept. Long ago, architects wanted to hide or hoard their work from other architects in order to prevent copy-cats. However, we have entered into a new age where an online presence can make or break your company. And, to create a successful online presence, you have to post.

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