Why as an Artist You Need a Social Media Presence

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In any business, such aspects as social media and digital marketing are indeed, very helpful. As an artist, the same principle applies.

In any business, such aspects as social media and digital marketing are indeed, very helpful. As an artist, the same principle applies if you are to be successful. Artists need to have a social media presence because they need to be able to act accordingly to the responses and feedback from their followers. Your audience is key to getting you to the top and whenever you come up with new content i.e., music, they will garner the proper response. If you provide something great, they’ll love it and promote it, whereas if you give poor content they’ll view it as a total waste of time and never bother with you again.

Social Media Platforms Ideal for Artists

The internet is grand and billions of users are able to access it. It is a great place to make contact with your target audience, but it is necessary to have a target audience in mind if you seek to engage with them and receive the appropriate response from them. Generally, an artist will have a presence on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Trending social media platforms provide an artist with faster growth by connecting with the millions of everyday users on the site. In the world of performing, for a play to be majestic and well received, the theatre stage must be set in a way that will be enticing to the audience, similarly, social media is the modern day stage, where artists exhibit their talents and the audience are the followers and fans. Let us look at some aforementioned sites:


Facebook can help an artist build their specific audience. By creating fan pages, an artist can get a target audience to subscribe to their art and content by having them like their page. The target audience will also have the chance to engage with the artist, thus making Facebook an incredible Marketing and Advertising tool. An artist can also link their Facebook page to their music videos on YouTube and have their page followers go directly to their channel. Facebook also lets your audience comment, share, or like on your music, allowing artists to get insightful feedback. Facebook can act as a measure of an artists popularity too.


For artists, having a Twitter base provides them a faster and more convenient way to convey their message. By incorporating the Twitter feature of hashtagging, artists can maintain their social media presence and connect with their target audience. Hashtagging is possible on other social media platform, but it is more effective on Twitter due to it being such an integrated featured, it is one of the easiest ways to generate attention from the niche you wish to attract.


For your music videos, YouTube presents the best platform for you to represent your art and content. YouTube is also powered by Google, meaning it can provide access to all platforms and you’ll garner good search results from using it. For a musician, your audience can either be regular fans, bloggers or entrepreneurs. For instance, regular fans will boost you on social media, while bloggers will share your work, and entrepreneurs might decide to invest in your talents. With YouTube, an artist can acquire a great network of people who’ll help him/her grow, as compared to the traditional form of working on promotions.

Strategize Your Social Media

Since more people are now connected via social media platforms and information is deeply embedded on the internet. Artists can then strategize their social media interactions to become successful in the music industry. From proper timing in sharing posts, creative headlines to quality content, artists can engage with their target audience. The internet will also ensure all your content is ever present, considering you can still find songs from the 30s and 40s.

Social media is an essential networking platform for an artist. Without it, you cannot connect with your fans or followers. For an artist, the internet’s main purpose is to give shape to their dreams and talents.

Another area of an online presence which is often overlooked is that of Publications. As an agency, we have a very extensive network in the Public Relations space, as of lately we have been partnering and collaborating with some of the largest music magazines and media outlets in the business. We are able to utilize our network to distribute not only your content but also you as an artist!

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