Why Choose Drupal for Your Website?

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When you begin a new website development project with a CMS, the most important decision you have to make is what technology to use.

For sure, the first option that comes to mind is WordPress, the most widespread CMS technology, that obviously has a lot of well-known advantages. However, WordPress is not a perfect fit for every website, so before making a decision, make sure you have all the facts. An alternative that is winning grounds, especially on high complexity projects, is Drupal.

Let’s find out what are the main attributes of Drupal and when it’s the right CMS for your project.

Advanced technology and high performance

The advanced technology of the platform means a lower resource consumption, which can be translated into fast loading and high performance of the website. So, if your project is a high-complexity website, in order to minimize your server costs and have an increased performance after launch, Drupal is the best way to go.

Fun fact: did you know that the first 3 seconds in your website loading are decisive for the first impression of the user?

Perfect integration and stability

When all the elements are a perfect match, like a puzzle, the user experience is a more pleasant one, the management of the website becomes easier and the possibilities for customization and scaling become limitless. This is exactly what Drupal offers you: perfect integration of all the elements that work together perfectly, in the platform, for a unitary and stable result. If you have a high number of processes and functionalities on your website, choosing Drupal assures a perfect integration between them.

Flexibility and scalability

Perfect integration of all the elements means you will have endless development possibilities on an already developed basis. By being one of the most flexible CMS platforms, Drupal is perfect if you think that your website will be modified often in time. Because on other platforms it may be easier to build a new website, from scratch, than to build up new functionalities that weren’t considered from the beginning, you can consider a Drupal website a long-term investment.


Since we are talking about an open-source platform, it’s normal to raise the security question. However, Drupal is maybe one of the most stable and secure CMS platforms you can choose and that’s why:

  • the Drupal security team, formed by more than 40 specialists, works continually to identify and fix vulnerabilities
  • passwords are encrypted in the database, including characters, which makes them almost impossible to break.
  • there is a community review system on every module, for a detailed check-up
  • can be created a very detailed limited access in the platform, to ensure the necessary limits on accounts to maintain security
  • there are constant updates that ensure fast solving for every potential security breach identified

Free of charge

Even if we are talking about a top platform, very stable, flexible and technologically advanced, Drupal is an open-source platform, so you won’t pay any extra money besides the actual website development.

In conclusion, Drupal is the perfect choice for a high-complexity project or a website with the potential for constant updates.
If you are not sure that this is a perfect match for you or you have any more questions, you can contact us and we will help you make an informed and strategic decision.