Why Is Flutter Is Setting the Future in Mobile App Development?

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Planning to build an app with Flutter? The numerous exceptional features of Flutter makes it the most popular framework among developers.

Since the release of the constant version of Flutter by Google, developers are unable to control their excitement of knowing how Flutter will be the future of mobile app development. The last few years have witnessed the sudden rise in the development of web & mobile apps. And with the upsurge in technology, people prefer to use mobile apps for doing anything.

Developing applications for both Android and iOS platforms have been a tough task for developers. It consumes a lot of time in the development process and hard work to write a separate code base for both. At this point, developers prefer Flutter for cross-platform mobile app development services to alleviate the development time and costs.

Several mobile app developers positively state that Flutter will set the future of mobile app development. Do you know why it is so? In this article, we have brought some of the reasons why Flutter app development services are the first choice of developers when it comes to creating a mobile app.

Introduction to Flutter

It is an open-source and free mobile UI toolkit by Google that was launched in May 2017. It facilitates developers to build a cross-platform mobile app by using a single codebase. It refers to developing a mobile app for two platforms including iOS and Android with less time and one programming language.

Flutter needs the assistance of the programming language “Dart” to develop a mobile application. Dart was developed by Google in October 2011, and it has got improved over the past three years.

There were some of the frameworks that came into existence before Flutter such as Xamarin, React Native, Titanium, Phone Gap, Apache Cordova, etc. but Flutter was best among all of them. Flutter had that good development pace and local UX assumed by users.

Reasons Why Flutter is Setting the Future of Mobile App Development

Google’s Flutter is considered the most powerful framework for cross-platform app development solutions by the developers as it can save lots of effort and time while providing a wonderful user experience. Here are more reasons to provide you with an idea of How Flutter is beneficial in numerous ways-

1. Similar Codebase

It is the most highlighted and effective feature of Flutter that follows the ‘write-once approach. It outshines the standard constraints of hybrid app development approaches where programmers had no other option rather than writing different codes for different platforms.

Now, businesses hire Flutter app developers who write the code only once and use the same for both platforms. Flutter enables developers to reduce their continuous efforts while improving the app in terms of design, quality, and performance.

2. Effective Code Writing & Testing

Hire app developers who have expertise in the Flutter framework so that can reuse the codebase effortlessly with different plugins to decrease the overall hybrid mobile app development time. For a single codebase, a simple quality assurance test is sufficient to verify the app features & functionality along with its performance. Hence, Flutter offers a great combination of writing code and testing.

3. Suitable for MVP

Flutter framework facilitates businesspeople to represent their business model via MVP version to their shareholders. It is not required for them to have an individual development procedure of MVP for both Android and iOS. Businesses need to simply choose a Flutter app development company that can consider the idea of MVP development.

Here businesses can save a lot of money by avoiding the development & test models. On the other hand, Flutter supports firebase highly, hence it doesn’t need a different back-end to build MVPs.

4. Hot Reloading

“Hot restart” or “hot reloading” is an amazing feature offered by Flutter to enable mobile app developers to see the alterations done in the code immediately. Developers can see the continuous growth at the time of the app development process. It will enhance the developer’s efficiency. It is much advantageous for error-fixing and to make alterations in real-time to the app. Developers don’t need to wait for the whole app to get reloaded to view the changes.

5. Simple Conversions & Customization

With the use of Flutter, developers can look after each aspect of the app development process, right from creation to testing to customization. Due to the single writing code, Flutter-developed apps are easy to alter and maintain. This single code helps developers to wipe out the load while working on the code as it has easy maintenance that ensures the quality performance of the app. If you get an issue with the code, it will be resolved within minutes. Entrepreneurs don’t need to spend more money on app customization and its maintenance while having Flutter app development services in comparison to other services.

6. Use of Widgets

Flutter comprises a library full of widgets for different industries. These are used to make the app interface eye-catching and more appealing. There is a broad range of widgets such as scrolling, fonts, effects, and navigation are offered by the Flutter. All these aspects are adaptable and customizable to be according to the business model and its web presence. All these available widgets can be used across diverse platforms & layouts, making them extremely receptive and portable for mobile app development.

7. Easy & Fast App Development

‘Dart’ is the single programming language used by Flutter for hybrid app development. It is known as a single-source and out of the on-house language of Google used for general purposes. It is easy for developers to work with the Dart, even if they have minimal skills or knowledge. This language is highly flexible and widely accessible to build server, web, and desktop applications.

Dart was created in 2011 but got popular after Google made a revelation about it. Now, it is rising fast and is being contained with GitHub known as the fastest-growing language in 2019.

8. Compatibility with Different OS Systems

Flutter app development services are beneficial for entrepreneurs in numerous ways. This framework supports different OS systems that refer to that mobile apps can be scaled to Windows, Linux, and macOS without redrafting the similar single codebase. It also saves a lot of time for programmers in debugging process.

9. Support from the Flutter Community

With each passing day, the Flutter community is growing and more & more developers and people from the development industry are getting involved with the framework. Developers are contributing and collaborating with the Flutter library. People or customers who have any queries or doubts about the framework or related project, can submit their doubts with the forum or can share them on the groups on social media.

Bottom Line

Flutter is striking as a game-changer in the mobile app development market, specifically for cross-platform app development services. It stores a lot of potential for entrepreneurs and newbies who are just getting friendly with the Flutter app development services. Flutter is able to change the face of modern-day organizations.

Right from the less development time to free & cost-effective features, Flutter has everything to offer. Firms that have budget restraints can surely look forward to having Flutter app development services expand immensely. It will be helpful to accomplish the needs of the current and future mobile app development market. From the start, Flutter will provide you with complete control over every element comprising the set of widgets. Businesses must give Flutter a try as it is highly recommended by the developers.