Why Hire an Agency for Your Logo Design?

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We have 3 main reasons we will share with you here and many more we will tell you in person in case you need a great logo design agency.

Free may be a magical word, but maybe not that magical when it comes to logo design. You may find many good and not so great free services giving you the option to design a logo on your own. You may spend hours playing with it, mixing colours, letters and shapes. In the end, you will have something you may call a logo, but why is it not so great an idea to use it?

We have 3 main reasons we will share with you here and many more we will tell you in person in case you need a great logo design agency.

1. It is your first logo. But it is not your agency’s first logo 

You may know what you like, the logos you admire and the brands you want to be like, but what else do you know about logos? What else is there to know?

The logo is a crucial part of the visual identity of your brand. It is the first visual sign of your brand that will tell a story about it. It will tell your client whether your brand right for them, through the information about your brand.

Your logo is your professional signature, as it will be on all your branding materials, emails, social media, website and packaging.

Also, it is the first impression of your product and the way to stand out from the competition.

An agency knows how to connect all those things in one visual sign – logo design!

2. You may read the theory, but it is not easy to put into practice

There are 9 logo types that we can put into 3 main categories: icon-based, text-based and combination – one that combines both words and symbols. When choosing which type to use it is best to know what the brand’s personality is.

You may search for this information, learn it and decide which type you need, but you are not professional and you can’t be sure if you did everything right. Moreover, it is important to know the exact category and influence on your audience.

3. We can make it, but you need to know what you want

A logo design agency can make anything you want, but you need to know what you want and more importantly why you want it.

Before choosing the type of design that suits your brand and communicating about it with your designer, do research. Find inspiration, the design you like, a design that is used for similar brands and products or well-known brands. Analyze why it is so successful and the story it tells. Also, try to figure out why you like or don’t like a certain design and then write it down as a note for your future design.

You may conclude that the relationship between an agency and a client is more than just a business. An agency should understand your needs, your business goal and the way you communicate with the client. An agency must understand your brand and you need to communicate it well so that after the job is done you have a logo that is ideal for your client.

That is one more reason you need an agency to design for you. Maybe you need to craft a new logo now and you want professional help? Feel free to ask us questions, ask for our suggestions and we will be glad to answer.