Why Is Agile So Popular in Project Management?

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If you want to do something fast, you have to be agile.

Quality project management is one of the essential pillars of the business that helps companies implement the processes successfully and achieve the desired business goals.

There are several different approaches to project management. Nowadays, the prevailing trend in software development is the agile way of project management.

Let’s find out what agile product development is and why it is the first choice for various modern projects.

What is agile methodology?

The main focuses of agile methodology are building a product correctly and shortening the feedback loop between the proposed requirement and the development team.

To better understand agile product development, it is essential to understand the Agile Manifesto, a document that describes the Agile project’s methodology.

Published in 2001, Agile Manifesto changed the landscape of modern software development and made it more efficient, flexible, and fast.

Here are the original twelve agile development principles:

How has Toyota changed the way we make things?

With the roots in Japanese business philosophy, agile methodology became a growing trend in project management and business in general.

Toyotas began what is now known as Lean Manufacturing, an ethos emulated by companies worldwide to make products cheaper but better and faster.

As a brand, Toyota became known for making reliable and affordable cars. Its production system changed the way of manufacturing cars and showed us there is always a better and faster way to make a quality product and improve efficiency.

Agile as preferred project management

The Agile methodology is one of the most effective, practical, flexible, and successful mechanisms for software development that deliver values and drive your organization ahead. This framework has embraced several giant software companies worldwide to attain digital transformation, including us.

Agile process management allows the customer to get involved at every stage. This allows for greater team collaboration, creates more team interaction, helps save costs, and delivers superior results. Also, clients can better convey their idea, which can reduce the possibility of misunderstanding the project.

The agile approach helps project teams to meet user needs better and ensure flexibility in uncertain environments. It implies organized collaboration of all participants and supports fast and efficient decision-making.

For example, the client gets functionality that works within a month of starting the project.

Main advantages of Agile product development

  • Greater productivity, flexibility, and adaptability to change
  • Faster problem detection
  • Short-term goals and sprints are easier to manage and achieve results
  • Better use of resources at lower cost (better ROI)
  • Greater interaction with customers/clients
  • More teamwork and more communication

At Async Labs, we emphasize agility and adaptability and use the Scrum agile method. Iterative-incremental processes like Scrum enable us to deliver complex solutions and the highest values.

We are consistent in our scrum ceremonies, invest a lot of time in the development process, and approach it in a planned way. This way, we can quickly adapt to changes and client wishes.

Tools we use: Figma, Slack, Discord, Teamwork

Tips for successful Agile product development

Here are some tips you can always come back to if you get stuck on the same trajectory during your agile product development process.

  • Communication between team members and with clients is crucial
  • Carefully plan your sprint. Don’t overload the team or underperform
  • Review the product all the time
  • Stick to the defined plan
  • Advise your client with the best and latest practices
  • Think about what you do, don’t just blindly execute tasks

Agile product development isn’t a universal and the only path to success. The methodology depends on the project and the client, so it is up to you to decide which one is best for your team.

Interested in discovering more about the agile approach and critical agile product development practices? Check our full article on Using Agile Methodology for Agile Product Development.

At Async Labs, we build and deliver high-quality software through agile practices. Have something in mind? Let’s connect!