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Why Is Magento Considered the Best Ecommerce Development Tool?

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World Web Technology shares why Magento is the best e-commerce development platform.

What is Magento?

Magento is of those e-commerce platforms written in PHP, which is built using the open-source technology; hence, it renders well managed online merchants along with a flexible shopping cart system. This platform also pedals over the look, content, and functionality in all the online stores. Lastly, it is that platform that renders the most dominant marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and executive catalog tools.

Why is Magento considered to be the Best for E-commerce Website Development?

Perfect software is the one that allows the users to design their page as per their wish, configure the online shopping features and all other processes in detail. Magento is also software that offers expandability, immovability, and litheness. Some most important features of Magento web development are as mentioned below.

1.  Open for All

Amongst the top 30 e-commerce platforms, Magento has a total market share of about 29.8%. This software is used by many multinational brands like Nike, Ford, Samsung, and many other such brands as it only offer high-security level but also is quite well efficient in selling the products online.

2.  Supports Professional Technology

The hardworking developers of Magento have quite efficiently designed software which serves the need of each and every user. Earlier, Magento was acquired by eBay but as per the recent data, Magento got separated from eBay and had become not only strong but also has evolved well and worked passionately on its more and more development process.

3.  Comprises a Huge Array of Knowledge About Products

Magento is amongst the most popular and highly recommended open-source platforms for each and every user. Also, as per the recent data is comprises 30% of the total market share. As this web development serves such a huge market successfully, it goes without saying that it offers a massive amount of knowledge along with flexibility.

4.  Describes Any Product Feature Excellently

The user is set free to set as well as manage all the antithetic attributes and that too without compromising with the administration panel. The basic idea behind doing so is that the user can set the entire system as per his needs and requirements. Also, the discount system offered by web development is equally flexible.

5.  Quite Responsive Design Structure

One of the most amazing services included is that the user can design the look of the software as per their wishes. Magento renders the users with innumerable free customized templates. The team of technicians recommends the users to get this software installed from specialists only. The platform is a boon to the users who wish to interface their products with the shoppers as the software is easy to handle from tablets, notebooks as well as laptops.

6.  Supports SEO

This amazing web development platform offers the fresher’s to create its SEO friendly website. The users can generate SEO URLs, sitemaps and add meta descriptions as well.

7.  High-Security Level

The developers at this platform believe in the security of the customers and also understand the importance of data of the customers. Magento has not only been tested by various developers but is also constantly supervised by the experts; hence the developers who developed the software make sure that the security level offered by them is too high.

While using this platform, it becomes quite easy to detect any errors with the help of dedicated communities and also it is easy to make the safety updates.

8.  User Account

The shoppers also acquire the amazing benefits of this software. The shoppers can easily have a check on the history regarding their shopping, check their current orders and can also track their present orders that are yet to be delivered. The customers can also store the information like delivery address, contact number, and other such data to make their check out process a little faster than the previous time.

9.  Offers Best Marketing Platform

The user can run promotions, create some of the great unique sales deals to sell their product at a fast rate, offer free delivery to the lucky customers or many other such pretty bargaining offers. Also, the users can compare two products that help the customers to select from the two shortlisted products.


Magneto is software which the user can design by themselves to make it the best platform for them. It is the most suitable software for the clients who have a clear objective in their mind and are quite sure of what they need to sell on their site.

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