Why Mobile Apps Are the LATEST Marketing Channel for Your Brand

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With cut-throat competition in the business world, let us know, how mobile apps can help your brand reach its audience in the age of digital transformation!

Gone are the days when brands used to stick themselves to “advertising” as the prominent way of marketing their brand. But today with rapid technological transformation brands are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and make their businesses thrive. And the very first question they think of to build a strong social presence is:

What Marketing Strategy Should We Adopt?

Well, mobile apps have emerged as an effective marketing solution, improving user experience and a boost in sales. Mobile applications help automate your business and also provide better customer service. Brands with apps do not have to struggle much in establishing themselves. They easily nurture a deep connection with people of all demographics and age groups. Nowadays targeting each individual based on their respective unique preferences has become all the more important and possible through mobile apps.

How Mobile Apps Can Help Businesses Grow!

A powerful branded app facilitates brand promotions in a rather persuasive way. As an effective marketing channel, it keeps the users engaged with you reaping the benefits of higher conversion rates. It gives you the very opportunity to engage with the audience in new and creative ways which turns them into loyal customers. The mobile app industry is flourishing at a rapid rate. And with the advent of technologies such as AR VR and AI, companies are in the search of new ways to promote their products, as these technologies allow mobile apps to store the user data in order to recognize and anticipate their preferences, choices, and needs. Brands these days are using mobile apps as a powerful marketing channel to connect with the audience, convey the brand message, improve offline experiences for their customers and boost sales.

So if you are still lacking a branded mobile app, it’s time to consider these key merits, to promote your business through mobile apps:

Advantages of Mobile Platforms as Marketing Tools

Customer Engagement 

Forming a connection with your customers is extremely crucial and a mobile app helps you build a deeper connection with the audience, the way no other media can. With shrinking attention spans, it is extremely crucial to curate compelling personalized content which keeps on bringing back your users for more. The users are interested in the matter that is relatable and goes well with their tastes and preferences. Regardless of what type of application your brand has, it needs to invest in personalized in-app content. You can ensure this by analyzing customer behavior to understand which type of content may work the best for your audience. Another effective strategy to promote your business is Push Notifications. It has the power to capture user attention and induces them with the excitement to check what’s new in their app. The key with these notifications is to make them super compelling, valuable, and not at all irritable.

Increase in Brand Awareness and Visibility

Apps are considered to enhance brand awareness and visibility which can strategically increase the customer base. As soon as the user installs

the application on the mobile device will automatically increase the brand visibility. The more the user will interact with the app seeing it on the home screen the greater it will tend to buy the products and avail the services. To make this work, you need to ensure that your app has all the features that your target audience is looking for. This fuels up the interaction between the two, thereby converting them into potential buyers.

Collect and Observe the Data Analytics

For a marketing strategy to work, you first need to assess customer behavior. If your application is good at solving your user’s problems, they are much likely to share data with you.

Your mobile app can easily be used as a brand marketing channel to monitor your user’s browsing habits, shopping behavior, mobile app usage, locations, and much more. To attain this information you can opt for methods like a questionnaire, offers, or bonus discounts for filling up a small questionnaire, or by monitoring the in-app behavior. This way you will get major insights about your user, which you can analyze and understand the needs of your customer and improve the product.


💡 Pro Tip: Have a review/feedback section in your app. This will help you in updating the app, the way your target audience wants it. Remember, customers won’t interact if they are not involved! 


Increase in Customer Loyalty

Every customer enjoys discounts! And rewarding the frequent ones is a superb marketing strategy. Customer loyalty or retaining your existing customers is a huge challenge for brands. An effective strategy to work this out is by offering them rewards that help in the establishment of strong connections and turn them into loyal customers.

Increase in Sales Ratio

Mobile applications enhance customer experience by making the process of buying simpler, convenient, and intuitive, thereby resulting in an increase in sales ratio. It is not at all necessary to offer purchases to boost sales. Rather, you can do this by offering loyalty programs and additional services.

Social Network Marketing – A Boon

Today, social media is the only platform that can make you reach the masses within seconds. The ability to synchronize your mobile application with social networks gives your business a greater chance to disperse the vital content and make it go all popular gaining potential users.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Creating Your Branded Mobile App

App That Lacks Value to Its Users

An effective branded app should be able to solve the problems of your users. It is the only way you can create something useful that provides some value to the users, that urges them to keep coming back to the app. The ideal approach to go about this is to know your target audience, study their needs and preferences and determine what they would expect from your app.

App That Is Difficult to Operate

Ok.. nobody likes to put their hands into something that is making their life all the more difficult. Intuitive and convenient-to-use apps are the only ones that appeal to the masses and engage them. If your app is complicated to use regardless of its functionality, it will turn out to be a complete disaster thereby failing your marketing strategy.

App That Lacks Updates

It is really important to keep up with the changing technology and customer behavior and implement the same in your app. Updating the app will ensure a good user experience that may turn them into potential customers thereby increasing sales. Because everyone likes to update with time, so should your app!

How to Create an Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Having a robust app marketing plan is extremely important when creating a branded mobile application. So, get deeper into the layers and understand what your business requires the most at the moment. Landing into the market, you will encounter different types of mobile applications but knowing the crucial factors that revolve around when creating an app is really important. Let’s have a look at them so that you do not miss anything important:

  • Acquisition: You must ensure that when a person installs your app and fills in the details, they come across diverse useful features that make their life a “little” convenient.
  • Engagement: A term you should swear by, before entering into the business world. Your app should be really good at capturing the user’s attention, engaging them, and making them come back for more.
  • Conversion: The sole motive of operating any business. Besides engaging the customers, your app should work towards driving them into potential conversions.

A mobile app is considered to be a brand’s own marketing platform, with almost zero dependencies. This as a tool allows marketers to reach a wide range of users across the globe. It has become the ultimate branding channel. And if you are still not using the mobile apps to market your business, well, you might be left behind. Do not let your competitors overtake you! Because if you will not take the necessary step, somebody else definitely will. It’s time for you to explore new marketing avenues and collaborate with the best app development company that will help in fulfilling your dream of a successful business venture!