Why My Small Business Needs an Online Presence

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Your competition is online
Research shows 72% of customer check online educate themselves about a product read reviews before they make a purchase.

Company Image

Company image is their reputation the beliefs and the impressions that the public have about your company. These can easily be shaped by the information on the internet, this is what is too important to have a digital foot to create the right image for your company and avoid speculation from other unreliable sources.


Communication with customers is crucial to any business. Customers love to feel heard it is important for them to know that their feedback is put into the making of the end product or services. Whether it is through email, comments on your website even social media. This interaction will humanize your company and make your customers feel more than just numbers. Communication is what builds brands and lifelong customers.


There is nothing more powerful than information for a business. Getting the information out there about your business and your products or services will not only help you get customers but help you grow your brand. if people can get your information online with a good description of services and products, your goals, objectives, values and company statement it will be easy for like-minded people and people looking for your product not only find you but also trust you as a company and as a brand.

Bigger Reach

The internet gives your small business the biggest platform at a very low cost. It can help you grow your business in your local community to another content. The internet erases the limitation of geography and on this platform, you can take your small business to another level. That would not have happened if you are just using face to face interactions.


The internet never sleeps that means that your business is open 24/7 all year round. It is not affected by time zones or bad weather. Your customers can walk into your virtual shop and buy products at any time. This means that you will be able to make money in your sleep doubling or maybe tripling your sales.

Your Customers Are Online

Customers are online and they are looking for you. It is important that you have your information up so that they can reach you or buy your product. They are looking for your website, social media platform, contact and not having an online presence is making loose countless customers.

Your Competition Is Online

Research shows 72% of customer check online educate themselves about a product read reviews before they make a purchase. If you do not have an online presence then you are not giving your business a chance. Competitors that have information online are getting all the business while you lag behind.

Practical ways to build an online presence:

Social Media Marketing

It is important for any company today to have social media accounts. They are an easy way to interact with your customers and also humanize your brand give a personality that the public can resonate with to create lifelong customers. Social media also has an advantage like instant messaging, going live, global reach and also the going viral aspect which can help the company’s publicity in amazing ways.

Website Design

Today a website is as important as having an office. A website is your office at the internet and with your website potential customers can judge whether d do business with you or not it is crucial to have a website that is not only easy to navigate and appealing to look at but have it reflect your core values and beliefs so that the company’s brand is communicated in the best possible way.

Email Marketing

This a cheap and effective way to interact with your customer. Companies can get this information out to interested customers and they are positive that this information will yield returns

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are so important for the growth of a brand, there are so important there is a website for just people recommending places or rating them to others. It is simply because people will believe what other consumers say about using your product more than you will. It is important to have customer reviews put up on your website or social media profile. These can make or break your business.

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