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Why ReactJS Is a Popular Front-End Framework

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According to a StackOverflow survey, we can see a shift towards ReactJS over angular and other javascript-based frameworks.

No one can deny the vast role apps now play in day-to-day life. Although the business logic or backend makes an app stand out from its competitors, but it’s the frontend of the app that appeals to users.

If you belong to the app development industry, you must know about the multiple options available for the frontend development of an app. However, the choice should be based on the following factors:

Popularity – JavaScript Frameworks have become a highly popular choice among the web and mobile app development industry. The huge popularity leads to the involvement of a number of developers that together make a community, which makes issues redressal a fast process.

Flexibility – Javascript frameworks are extensively suitable to build mid to high complexity level apps. There are frameworks in javascript today to use for the frontend to the backend.

Adaptability – As compared to the other frameworks, javascript frameworks have a comparatively lower learning curve. It supports faster app development processes.

Experience – A developer learns javascript initially and with time, earns good experience on the language as well as js based frameworks and how they work.

Why ReactJS?

Let’s understand ReactJS with a brief introduction.

React is behind Facebook and Instagram. At present, it has crossed over 1,000 contributors on GitHub using the framework for frontend development. As the framework uses virtual DOM, React ensures better performance for the app than other javascript based frameworks.

React has become highly popular today and hence passed the first criteria of being a part of project development. Used by over 38% of developers worldwide, the javascript framework has become the first choice of brands like Paypal, BBC, Netflix and Flipboard, and many others.

This Facebook product also stands top on fulfilling the second requirement of project development, i.e., flexibility. It was the flexibility that top brand, including Whatsapp, has updated the app over React Framework in frontend development. The javascript framework is best to use in mobile application development as well, and this flexibility adds lots of advantages in project development.

Therefore, we have to say, there is no framework than ReactJS and do so there are amazing advantages of using ReactJS development services, such as:

  • a good set of documentation and online resources;
  • the possibility of server-side rendering;
  • an easy component model; and
  • it is fast, efficient, flexible, and small-sized.

However, the framework also has some cons that one must know in advance while weighting deciding to hire a ReactJS developer for the project like:

  • it is essential to have build tools;
  • the chances of the framework being incompatible with the other libraries and code that modifies DOM is high; and
  • the learning curve can be a little higher as the language has evolved over time.