Why Should You Advertise on LinkedIn

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Many find LinkedIn a perfect B2B marketing platform. Even though it doesn’t have as many users as Facebook, and therefore, its range is not even nearly wide, you might just be able to reach out to the most relevant professionals on LinkedIn only.

In case you want to reach business owners and other relevant business people, you should consider LinkedIn Advertising as a method to use.

LinkedIn provides image and text ads, and the ability to target specific types of users. For that reason, you should first identify your target audience. Target options include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Job function
  • Industry sector
  • Company size

Linkedin flag on an arrow hitting the bulls-eye of a target

After you choose the most relevant data in order to target the right users, youneed to set your budgets. There are CPC (cost per click) model, and CPM (cost per mile) model which counts for the number of times the ad displays or, to be more specific, cost for each 1000 times your ad is shown.

What to do next

  • Target the right audience. Make use of filters such as job function or geo-targeting.
  • Use image ads to generate more clicks. Include short, but effective text with calls to action.
  • Make sure your landing page is a page with products info, with contact form or shopping cart.

Additionally, You can set the start date and schedule your campaign according to your goals. Throughout the campaign you are able to view audience insights (likes, shares, comments etc.), visual reports.

Many times, the cost to generate a lead are less expensive than the Google AdWords equivalent. Minimum costs to advertise are $2 minimum bid for CPC or CPM, $10 daily budget and $10 total budget per campaign.

Then it’s up to you to test and monitor your analytics and change the strategy accordingly.