Why Should You Develop Mobile Apps With React Native?

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More mobile app developers showing interest in React Native, it’s easy to see why React Native has become one of the hottest web technologies in recent years.

This technology allows users to make apps more efficiently, quickly, and cost-effectively than ever before.

The best part about React Native is that it’s an open-source mobile app development framework developed by Facebook, which means it’s backed by a well-established technology company with the resources to improve and update the framework continually.

While React Native does have some limitations (like not being able to access native device functions) that might make it unsuitable for certain types of applications, it has the potential to become one of the most important programming languages in the coming decade.

With more and more mobile app developers showing interest in React Native, it’s easy to see why React Native has become one of the hottest web technologies in recent years.

Here are seven reasons why you should switch from native to React Native and why it’s the future of Mobile App Development.

Key Stats About React Native Mobile App Development

Here are some key stats about React Native framework that you would love to read!

  • React Native framework is used by 12.57% of worldwide programmers.
  • In 2021, 38% of worldwide software developers will use this framework.
  • On Stack Overflow, there are 128,300 June 2022 questions related to React Native
  • Hot reload is one of the best features that makes this platform different than others.

7 Reasons Why React Native is the Best For Mobile App Development

One of the primary factors that make React Native Mobile App an excellent choice for businesses is its low cost. With less cost, a business can offer their services to their customers with the best user experience.

Other reasons also exist that make it the perfect choice. Still, if you’re wondering why you should use react native for mobile app development, check out the top seven reasons below!

#1. Faster Development Time

Traditional cross-platform solutions like Phone Gap take many more months to develop an app, which can end up costing a company thousands or even millions in lost profits.

So, If you’re in a hurry to get your new business up and running, React Native is the way to go. The quicker you release your app, the sooner you can start receiving customer reviews and ratings, which leads to higher revenues!

#2. Lighter, Faster Code

React Native is a JavaScript framework owned & supported by Facebook. It was designed to create mobile apps for both Android and iOS using the same codebase. It’s a relatively new framework that’s been quickly gaining traction in the mobile app development space with many benefits, including:

  • Easier to work with than other frameworks like Swift or Objective-C
  • Ability to use any web developer who knows JavaScript, not just those familiar with native languages.
  • Reduced time spent on debugging and testing.
  • Produces more efficient apps that are lighter on memory, making them faster to launch and load data.

#3. Excellent User Experience

The React Native framework is a UI-focused framework. That is why people use React Native for their mobile app development because it allows them to produce an app with a great user experience.

Apps built on this technology allow for fast loading times, meaning users can save time on their content. It also ensures that everything looks high quality and smooth because it’s all rendered in real-time and uses native UI components. If you are also looking for the same, you need to hire React Native Mobile App Developers.

#4. Access to Android and iOS APIs

Although React Native is known for cross-platform app development, it offers a rich native app experience. One codebase in React can run on both platforms by utilizing progressive web apps for non-native platforms.

Developers who want the opportunity to code a product once without dealing with discrepancies across different device architectures will find a home in this framework. It’s even gaining traction among enterprise clients instead of solely building apps for consumers.

#5. Minimal Technical Complexity

React Native offers a solution to mobile app development that eliminates the problems developers often face when working with Objective-C or Java. With React Native, developers can use JavaScript and build cross-platform apps without hassle.

With this framework, your apps get a smoother experience and higher performance. As far as time goes, you save both money and time by using a framework like React Native, which allows you to switch between platforms with minimal technical complexity.

#6. Strong Community

The React Native framework is supported by Facebook and is one of the favorites of millions of worldwide. It is because it has a strong community where programmers of different levels discuss and solve the programming issues if any.

Suppose you face any issue while developing your business mobile application, then you can post the issue there. You will get a unique solution for the same.

#7. Supports 3rd Party Libraries

React Native by Facebook supports 3rd party libraries. It does not bind developers to use limited components or bundled components. You can download and install any third-party libraries from the community based on your requirements.

The best thing is that installation is easy. Via the following few steps, you can easily do it.

The Final Thoughts!

React Native has several advantages that make it an attractive choice for mobile app development. Facebook, which developed React Native, also created a cross-platform framework that can be used to create native apps.

It means your app will have the same look and feel on iOS and Android. Plus, it’s a JavaScript library, meaning developers have to learn less code to create an app.

The best part about using React Native for mobile app development is that you can hire React Native mobile app developers and let them handle all the heavy lifting. Finally, if you want to create a React Native app for business, it is a fantastic decision.