Why You Should Use Instagram Insights To Increase Followers Count

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The actual reason some of the popular Instagram accounts increase their audience quickly. They handle their Instagram insights properly and at the right time.

The main reason why Instagram is so powerful than other social media networks, they build more features forever. If you are new to this Instagram insights, make sure to follow my instructions properly. Then you will get the best results and you can increase your followers count in a particular period.

Instagram Insight

Instagram Insights is a free built-in analytics tool in the Instagram application. By using these Instagram insights, you can know when your followers are active, how they interact with your posts and contents, which posts get more popular.

Benefits of Tracking Instagram Insights

If you post some inspirational quotes, lifestyle photos, product images, and brief reviews, you reach your success in a particular period. This is one of the powerful Instagram tools to measure all over Instagram’s performance. Instagram insights enable you to measure how your content is performing, how your audience engages with your content and posts. For every business person, Instagram insights is one of the guides helping you create more engaging and quality contents that are relevant to your audience needs and interest.

Switch Your Business Account

If you measure your Instagram insights, you need to switch your personal Instagram account into an Instagram business account. Simply log in to your existing account on your phone, open your profile page, click the hamburger menu at the top right corner then click the settings icon. Tap the account then click the switch to the professional account icon. If you use Facebook for your business purpose, you will also connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook page.

Instagram Insights for Your Account

After you switch your professional account, now the time to get Instagram analytics in your account. Go to your Instagram profile, click the hamburger menu, and tap the insights icon. You can access your Instagram analytics for individual posts. On your Instagram dashboard, you will see the three options such as contents, activity, and audience.

The content tab is used to analyze your posts, stories, and ads performance.

In the activity tab, you are able to track your content interactions, reach, and impressions.

The audience tab shows insights into your audience activity and your follower’s growth.

Also, you are able to access the Instagram insights for your past and old posts, then develop your posting style and content strategy.

Audience Tab Insights

This tab used to know the information about your followers and your audience is growing. Before you can develop your content, the audience tab is important to know who your targeted audience is and their needs and interests. Instagram insights audience tab accesses this information quickly. You can see insights into your audience activity like their age range, gender, tab locations, and when they are active on Instagram. All of this information about your audience helps to create content that targets the right audience at the right time. Instagram analytics shows most of the audience is online in the evening time, so schedule your content time when your audience is online to publish your posts very well.

Measure Engagement With Activity Tab

The activity tab includes the interactions and discovery sections. The interaction section gives the results of how many times your audience integrated with your content in the last seven days. This interaction includes the number of likes, the number of comments, profile visits, and website clicks.

The discovery tab gives the result of how your Instagram account is performing in the last seven days. Also, this tab shows two metrics reach and impressions.

Reach: the total number of accounts that have displayed your posts.

Impressions: the number of times users viewed your stories or posts, including repeated viewings. After, if you want more impressions in your post you can gain Instagram reach, to compete with other popular brands successfully. The impression is one of the most important metrics to reach your goal. If you maintain strong and quality content extremely you should see the growing reach and impressions.

Instagram Insights Content Tab

This shows the results for all the contents you have posted up to the last two years. This content tab includes three subsections, feed posts, stories, and ads. For each post, you are able to see the total number of interactions, the total number of accounts you reached, the number of people who visited your profile and posts. The number of impressions came from different accounts and locations and so on. This helps in which posts are helped to reach a wider audience, how many new followers you get. This helps you optimize your Instagram strategy very effectively.


Instagram insights are completely free to use, this is available on all the Instagram accounts. Especially, this is one of the important tools for all business people to develop their business in this great place.