Women In Cryptocurrency Sphere: The Global Research

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The study aims to help startups, media, and other organizations attract more women to the crypto space.

Major Insights

Each third lady concedes that her connection with digital forms of money was conditioned by having somebody from their social circle to “motivate” or advise about the subject (companions, spouses, partners, and so on) The second reason is a wealth of source of information about blockchain tech, the third – working in the crypto sphere.

The primary motivation to explore the crypto world is to earn money. Also, many women are craving to acquire financial freedom. Most ladies like to invest in cryptographic money (almost 50%) or to store it (about 25%).

Opportunity is quite possibly the most appealing highlight the cryptosphere could offer to females. It is associated with the chance to be liable for their own choices and deal with their own funds, the shortfall of limitations for residents of specific nations, a wide choice of resources for speculation/exchanging, numerous approaches to handle cash, and so forth.

Most widespread reasons for choosing an asset/project in a portfolio are the current capitalization of the coin and the company’s ability to settle reasonable issues. FOMO (fear of missing out) is typical of almost 40% of women.

Among unclear issues keeping ladies from entering the blockchain sphere are common family accounts and social media where male clients could verbally abuse female peers.

Toward the start of their path on the crypto market, most females would like to have more educational materials.

About the Study

The study means to help new businesses, media, and different associations draw in more women in crypto tech.

Sex unevenness in the crypto field has for some time been examined by the media, speakers at various events, and exploration reports of different associations. Yet, this is as yet insufficient, on the grounds that people altogether contrast in reaping profits by the crypto market.

Besides, almost no consideration is paid to why ladies enter the crypto field and what matters for them in cryptographic forms of finance.

Women are never in the forefront when it comes to crypto projects. New companies focus on men when developing projects. Our examination has been made to bridge this gap.

The objective of the study is to discover how females settle on choices about cryptocurrencies and which factors impact their decisions.

The research was led to show new companies, the media, and local communities how to include more ladies in the crypto market. What’s more, simultaneously challenge a few sex-based biases and generalisations.


The examination was done in two phases: 

  1. Group Interviews.
  2. Survey with questions.

It included 441 ladies from 28 countries, including the UK, US, Germany, Indonesia, Israel and other regions.

Without further ado, let’s get down to results.

Stories of Women In the Crypto Field

Before counting numbers, study authors wanted to define the portrait of a female client in the crypto sphere. The biggest number of female crypto clients who partook in the review are people aged 25-34, with a somewhat more extensive premise from 18 to 44.

Many of them are employed in crypto and blockchain companies, yet the larger part aren’t. Most have access to sufficient info about the crypto market.

1. Conditions That Make Females Explore Cryptocurrencies

What can motivate a woman to manage digital currencies? Several classes of such circumstances were distinguished.

An “inspirer” or witness from the social circle (a companion, a spouse, a partner, and so forth) frequently brings ladies into crypto. This is valid for every third female.

The significance of individual organizations impacting sexual orientation irregularity is frequently disparaged by men, however ladies concede how significant it is for them. In social science, this is named ‘homophily’ – an inclination to speak with individuals such as oneself.

The second most significant factor is the wealth of information about digital currencies. It’s not surprising: after such prominent media stories like BTC beating a few astonishing records and raving about Tesla, numerous individuals decided to invest resources into cryptographic forms of money themselves.

If you need to get more ladies associated with the crypto circle, try the following instruments: 

  • Make associations with financial proficiency for women.
  • Create female communities and use homophily: for instance, make a female channel on Telegram or a reference to some educational sources for women.
  • Share your discussions about cryptographic forms of money with ladies you know. A significant number of them can be keen on it, even if you doubt that.

2. Reasons for Females to Use Cryptocurrencies

What spurs ladies who find out about cryptographic forms of money, engage in the field, and gain their first profits? The study uncovered several major triggers that companies can use to attract female audience:

  • An approach to increment monetary prosperity.
  • A chance to have a go at some new field.
  • Methods for acquiring monetary freedom.

How long have the review members been exchanging as well as contributing? The larger part (almost 70%) spent over three years working and exploring the crypto market. The crypto field has gotten open to a bigger circle of women contrasted with the circumstances in 2017 and 2018.

Moreover, 90% of ladies whose primary work is identified with the crypto industry use cryptographic forms of money. They exchange or put resources into crypto.

Having the primary occupation associated with the cryptosphere could spur ladies to contribute, just as the information on digital forms of money could lead them to get an occupation in this circle.

3. Highlights of Crypto That Matter for Women

When discussing the benefits of crypto, many women referenced “opportunity” somehow. This notion includes:

  • Capacity to autonomously oversee accounts.
  • Decentralization.
  • Independence from financial burdens.

Opportunity is exceptionally esteemed by ladies in crypto. Notwithstanding, when you attempt to include new clients, it is worth focusing on some particular parts of this idea. Only 1/4 of respondents put the craving to ‘feel free’ as the principal motivation to enter the cryptosphere.

For instance, on the off chance that you say: ‘having the option to assume full responsibility for your funds’ or ‘being autonomous of your family or work financial plan’ you may acquire a more noteworthy impact as opposed to referencing the theoretical idea of ‘opportunity’ as it were.

4. What Determines the Choice of Portfolio Assets

This point specifically features how simple it is for men to capitulate to generalizations. Is it true that ladies are directed by nonsensical elements when choosing the asset to invest in? In fact, reasons can be different.

A few ladies apply various measures and their blends relying upon how long they are intending to interact with the asset. In DeFi, they consider the common use cases of the coin at the present time and its price dynamics. For long-haul resources (BTC, BNB, ETH, and so forth), they check the financial backup and capitalization.

As indicated by the study results, the capitalization and the venture’s capacity to tackle explicit reasonable issues are the main factors for female crypto clients.

Conclusion: Like men, ladies are affected by nonsensical variables. In any case, to draw in more females, companies should forget about generalizations and find out what ladies consider while choosing a resource for a portfolio.

5. Common Problems Faced by Women During Trading and Exchange

Fear of missing out – the famous FOMO has become the most well-known issue while working with digital forms of money. It is important for over 40% of respondents.

Another interesting issue could be called ‘others don’t take me seriously’ – it’s typical for a small group of respondents (13.6%). This underlines that communities are only getting prepared to acknowledge ladies.

By talking about issues with ladies like FOMO, frailty, uncertainty, and so on, media and new companies can expand their audience as well as assist ladies with beating these challenges.

6. What Prevents Females From Trying Crypto, and How to Overcome These Bottlenecks

The following groups of reasons were discovered during discussions with female respondents.

1. The Cryptosphere Overall and Crypto Projects in Particular Are Hard to Understand, and They Are Introduced for the Most Part In the Manner to Be Comprehended By Men. 

The current approach to marketing and positioning makes the cryptosphere less comprehensive for amateurs as a rule, which influences ladies in any case.

Women admit that tech is a male-ruled industry in any case. Furthermore, there is a bunch of complicated words: “spots”, “hubs”, “day exchanging”, “mining”, “hodl”, and numerous different words can confound any amateur, and the specialized meaning effectively repulses numerous ladies (cliché: “geeks are young men”).

Thirdly, it is simply about the web composition, illustrations and commercials: depiction of men in 100% of cases shows ladies that the item/coin isn’t for them.

2. Crypto Events Are Made by Men for Men 

It is showed in the way that: 

  • The predominant piece of the crowd is men.
  • The greater part of speakers are men.
  • The amusement occurring after such occasions is likewise focused on men.

3. Social Media Is Not Cordial Towards Ladies 

In a significant number of channels and groups, ladies feel like objects of male ‘pickup’ movement.

Clearly, this is a general social issue. Communities should consider this and caution members against harassment. For instance, women should be able to address the administrator and ask to solve the issue.

Luckily, this doesn’t occur in all nations, for example, in Greece, men show respect to women in the crypto sphere.

4. Absence of Time 

It requires some research to sort out how digital currencies work before they begin giving profit and satisfaction to individuals working with them. In certain regions and nations, numerous ladies might not have the opportunity to get enough knowledge because of the wealth of housework they face.

5. Constant Money Race 

Sometimes the obstructions that keep ladies out of crypto can be inconspicuous. Females might be so busy solving everyday financial issues that no resources and time are left for entering crypto.

6. Ladies Are Dubious and Cautious in Their Activities 

The crypto sphere is full of scams and doubtful projects – many of them haven’t proved the viability yet.

7. Vulnerability and Doubt in Their Capacities 

For instance, ladies are probably going to ask others for help as opposed to looking for data on their own. In some cases they miss information about actual innovations.

8. Less Eagerness to Face Challenges 

Digital currencies have generally been related with huge dangers, however ladies are less able to face challenges contrasted with men.

9. Little Monetary Proficiency 

Monetary proficiency is a significant hindrance and ladies will in general contribute not as much as men in all cases and furthermore will in general face less challenges.

10. Tech and Startup Being a More ‘Manly’ Circle Makes Its Difference on Crypto 

The issue of sex inequality in innovation has for some time been a hot topic. That is the reason the members of the group interviews quickly highlighted this hindrance.

What Could Assist Ladies With Exploring the Crypto Industry?

As indicated by interviewees, the accompanying activities will assist with drawing in more ladies to the crypto circle.

1. Make instructional classes and guiding materials custom-fitted to the ladies’ requirements: 

  • Featuring rewards that collaboration with cryptographic forms of money can bring them.
  • Demonstrating the chance of earning modest quantities of money.
  • Showing approaches to investing money with low dangers.
  • Giving clear models (showing crypto use cases step-by-step).

2. Talk more about ‘regular’ ladies working with crypto, not just about the remarkable ones, so-called “Super Women”.

3. Include ladies in marketing campaigns.

4. Include more ladies in meetings and AMA sessions.

5. Working with female influencers.

There are undeniably more male influencers than ladies in the field. That repels the potential female audience. More women should be involved in the process.

  1. Use quotes from ladies for the media.
  2. Mention the comprehensiveness of the crypto circle for ladies.
  3. Exhibit the straightforwardness and security of the crypto sphere

Should Women Get Involved at All?

Crypto organizations where men rule about 90% of the space, and ladies take the rest should change their approaches. This won’t just be financially beneficial – the business can be made more comprehensive and permit ladies to get as many rewards from the crypto economy as men do.

How could this be accomplished?

In the event that you run a startup/organization: 

1. Remember to include ladies for your communities: go where others fear to tread.

2. Prior to beginning an advertising campaign in a particular country, direct subjective examination on female crypto clients (for instance, through meetings or interviews) to distinguish covered up social and economic boundaries that can keep ladies from turning out to be active clients of your project.

3. During promo campaigns underline that digital currencies are: 

  • An approach to increment monetary prosperity.
  • A chance to try something new.
  • A method for acquiring monetary freedom.

4. When creating and directing promo campaigns, forsake generalizations and show real advantages of your venture, the unwavering quality of your products. Create a guide showing how to use your services.

5. Include ladies in various events: they will actually want to bring up the perspectives that men don’t generally focus on.

6. Make instructional classes and materials meeting ladies’ requirements:

  • Clarify the rewards cryptocurrencies can bring them,
  • Talk about the particular signs of opportunity that the cryptosphere gives: simpler transactions, no middlemen, private wallets, and so forth,
  • Demonstrate the chance of saving modest quantities of cash,
  • Show approaches to invest with low dangers,
  • Give explicit models.

7. Collaborate with ladies motivated by monetary proficiency.

8. Create female communities: make a Telegram group for ladies and make sure they are treated with dignity.

9. If you run local communities with participants of both genders, introduce rules and make sure that women will be able to complain about unseemly conduct of other ndividuals, referencing the administrators, too. Women should have a sense of safety.

10. If your organization is planning to make meetings with a speaker, try to choose a lady, not a man: you have some brilliant possibilities without a doubt.

11. Focus on female influencers. In the event that you include them in your campaign, more ladies will join your community.

12. Talk about the issues ladies face in crypto: for instance, absence of financial independence or lack of time. You will see that this will reverberate with your clients.

13. Discuss the cryptographic forms of money with ladies you know – let others see your conversations. A large number of them might be keen on it, regardless of whether you don’t think so yet.

If you are a media agent: 

  1. Quote remarks from ladies connected with the crypto industry.
  2. Highlight that the crypto field is not hard to understand: point it at everybody, ladies will be influenced too.
  3. Talk about the issues ladies face: like FOMO, frailty, hesitation, and so forth.

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