You Never Knew You Needed It: Release on Demand & The Spoke

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The Spoke is a new way of experiencing good-old “happiness content” (like movies for thy mind and cafés for thy heart).

What Is The Spoke?

The Spoke Features

Discover. Find all the lists with movies and restaurants and let them know what you think by granting the stars.

Search. Do you want to see popular noir-movie on Netflix? Then you have eventually discovered the right place. In the Search section, you can choose the genre and platform of the movie, filter them and scroll down to final results. The same with cafés, though in that case, you’ll need to filter them by location.

Slate. The cherry on the cake. Observe movies and beloved spots which you previously had given reviews to and filtered them by either topic, genre or location, etc.

Profile. It doesn’t need any extra explanations: your individual cabinet, where you can see your followers, activities, and settings to the entire Spoke-System.

Create a List. Do you have smth that is worth sharing to the world? Then you should design your very own list with films or cafes in that section. It could be a top 10 movies that made you cry or 5 cafes in California for a perfect date. The main rule is to share your lists with your buddies. What a lovely rule!

Find People. Feeling lonely this evening? Then you’ve definitely found the right place! People you may know, Popular, People followed by your friends, Best match by taste, Top movie people, Top food specialists and many more are waiting for you on this page.

Invite Friends. The Spoke community is young, which means you can help us to speed up our growth. Invited some of your friends by email to the Spoke and make your Mom proud of you!

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Relevant information for demanding users about the rules and principles of The Spoke community. This part also includes information about the rights of holders and stakeholders.

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