Your 5 Step Website Redesign Project Plan for 2020

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Here comes a guidebook to help you with the steps to redesign your site!

With COVID-19 on the loose, it seems people have a lot of time at their disposal. While some are utilizing this time to revamp their house, for the website owners, this is the perfect time to redesign their sites. Considering that three-fouth of the credibility of a website comes from its design, this redesigning will have a considerable impact on the lead fetched from your site.

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Websites have gained priority and popularity among brands considering that:

  1. 31% of internet consumers bank on company-blogs to be an influential source.
  2. 70% of clients come to know about an organization via blogs as compared to advertisements regarding it.

This establishes the significance of websites in the digital space and has a crucial role to play in the boosting of conversion rates. This rate can get spiked from 200 to 400% considering that your site has a great interface. Now, it’s time to look into the reasons why website redesigning is the call of the era.

Why the Need for a Website Redesign in 2020?

As per various statistics, web development has become one of the priorities for marketing spending. An estimated 58% of the market expenditures are on website development. Quite obviously, this planned approach has diverse reasons – the ups of website redesigning. This includes:

  1. Boosts the website speed
  2. Increase sales lead
  3. Spikes web traffic
  4. Boosts brand awareness
  5. Helps convert leads to clients

Steps to Redesign

Redesigning websites is a crucial task considering the business prospect that it holds. Therefore, it is essential that you have a laid-out blueprint for this. Ideally, the following 5-steps can be deemed a favorable option:

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With Your Site and that of Your Competitor

Redesigning a site means, reiterating and updating a few designs already existent in the site. Therefore, the ice-breaker step is involved in familiarizing yourself with your own website.

This would help you locate the weaker and stronger points of the site, and hence, work on them, accordingly. Simultaneously, make sure to steal a peek into your competitor’s website. This would

  1. Help you spot the web elements that are providing them with the needed edge, or
  2. Redesign your site making it a unique site, as compared to that of your competitor.

Make sure to spot your stakeholders and look into their preferences. The expenditure to sponsor the redesigning of the site would become a convenient option.

Step 2: List Out Your Requirements

In case you have decided to redesign your current site, there must be one or multiple objectives behind this. So, it is ideally advised to list out these requirements. This would mean, you conducting a survey to isolate the flaws in your existing website, and hence, improving on them.

Step 3: Approach a Website Design Company

True that a majority of the organizations think that their in-house team is able enough to handle with the redesigning of your site. However, there are reasons enough to approach the best web development company in New York. First, take a look at these statistics:

This is what happens when website redesigning is assigned to amateurs. Pros in the field are far more equipped to deal with such redesigning. The chances are high that their expertise may lead to boosted revenue via the extra leads generated from the redesigned site.

Considering that you have settled upon a web design company that is deemed an expert in the field, here are a few of the steps that you will need to carry out.

List Out Your Blueprint for a Redesign

Creating an action plan with the pros in the field, at your disposal, will help improve on the key metrics of the site. This will help you achieve your goal of boosting the site speed and mitigating the bounce rate.

Furthermore, it will have a substantial impact on your current time-on-page. A couple of ways to achieve this would be to choose videos and custom graphics for your site.

Look Into Your Budget Plan

Redesigning and developing a website calls for a budget that varies as per user-requirement. This pricing is basically time vs. cost dependent. Therefore, it is essential that you look into your budget availability prior to approaching the company of your choice, or you may even ask for a quote from this organization.

This forms a crucial part of your website redesigning process considering this is the funding for the procedure.

Discuss the Trends in the Designing Process

The digital world is an ever-evolving space. Thanks to this, web designing trends tend to get updated from time to time. Keeping updated with this is only feasible for web designers who are pro in their field.

Your approached company will offer you a list of trends that are running in the market. All that you need to do is pick out website designs that cater to your business. Here are a few trends in the website redesigning process –

  • Dark mode
  • Solid frames of white spaces
  • Immersive 3D elements
  • Glowing luminous color schemes
  • Minimalist designs

Step 4: Set Up a Temporary URL

Redesigning a site requires considerable time. However, as business owners, you cannot afford to keep your site down during this process. It could result in a considerable loss of leads, and hence, your business prospects.

This calls for the need to set up a temporary URL to keep your trade up and running. It will ensure the prevention of adverse impact on the carefully cultivated tactics of SEO.

Step 5: Run a Test and Analyze the Same

Post-launch of the site, your improved website will become available to your clientele. Now, it’s time to take into account the user reaction. Analyzing this will help you have your hands on an even better site that caters to not just the algorithm, but your target audience, and thereby, increase your sales.


Creating an online presence no longer remains an option. Irrespective of the genre of your trade, it is essential that you create a suitable site that would help promote your business.

With this in mind, you cannot afford to merely create a website and go dormant about its updates. This is where your redesigning will fetch you the scaled SERP, promoting your business, and boosting your profit.

So, when are you approaching your chosen website redesigning company?