Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Six-Item Checklist for 2019

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Get the most out of your BFCM marketing strategies this 2019 by going through this six-item holiday sale strategy checklist.

The holiday season is here, and it’s kicking off with Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) which are happening in the next weeks! Shoppers aren’t the only ones who are excited about these events—business owners wait for BFCM every year and spend as much as six months gearing up and preparing for it.

After all, last year, consumers spent an estimated $513.61 billion online, which was 14% more than in 2017. The numbers keep rising year after year, so can you imagine what numbers 2019’s BFCM events are going to be hitting?

As a business owner, you know that BFCM is unlike other holidays and events. You have to really step up your game because all other businesses in the world are out to get their share of those billions. This is precisely the reason why marketing teams gather data year-round, and why they invest in Google ads, social media ads, and email marketing.

But here’s the thing. Planning is totally different from implementation. You can have the best plan but if your execution is flawed, you’ll be saying goodbye to the revenue you were gunning for.

That’s why we’ve decided to share with you our proven six-step holiday email sequence. Basically, it’s the schedule we follow for our clients’ holiday campaigns.

One email alone from this sequence earned a whopping $15,000 revenue last year. But it wasn’t just that one email that was the winner—it was the whole sequence because all steps and emails are interconnected and related. There is a reason why a particular email is sent before the other one.

Feel free to use this six-step sequence in your holiday campaigns this year—it’s not yet too late. But if you’re in need of more ideas on strategy and campaigns, you can always schedule a free session with an expert. In the meantime, check out these six steps for a thriving holiday season.