5 B2B Online Marketing Insights

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In a certain sense, some fundamentals of internet marketing are constant no matter what kinds of buyers you’re trying to reach or which industry you’re in. Things like search engine optimization, internet advertising, and social media are all valuable, and can be used efficiently in almost any setting.

With that being said, however, we have worked with many clients who had unique needs because of their business-to-business sales model. Along the way, we’ve learned that if your customers are executives and business owners, rather than individuals, there are a few things you should know…

#1 Inbound Leads Are Better (and More Efficient)

The beauty of the internet is that it has revolutionized the art of inbound lead generation. That’s important because prospects who come to you tend to be less hostile, better qualified, and less apt to haggle endlessly over prices and margins. Plus, inbound lead campaigns are scalable, meaning you can get bigger results without having to hire more salespeople. No matter how you look at it, it’s just a more efficient way to generate new opportunities.

#2 Information and Content Sell

Because B2B purchases tend to be larger and more durable, the decision-makers involved almost always research them extensively. For that reason, having lots of content online can be crucial to your B2B internet marketing plan. It’s always a good idea for any marketer to take advantage of things like blogs, white papers, and social content, but it’s especially important if you sell to businesses.

#3 You Probably Have More Than One Buyer

Although many B2B marketers concentrate on trying to influence decision-makers, the reality is you probably have several of them. For example, you may have one person (like an administrative assistant or middle manager) who collects information and presents it to someone higher up in the corporate food chain to approve. Or, you could have a situation where buying decisions are approved by committees. Regardless of the specifics, you should make sure your marketing messages appeal to everyone who will be involved, taking into account their differing motivations and knowledge levels.

#4 Conversions Come in Steps

One error we see again and again in major B2B marketing campaigns is a tendency to ask for too much too soon. When lots of money is on the line, it’s unrealistic to expect a buyer to make a fast decision. Knowing that, try to space out your conversions in steps. Offer a white paper or subscription first, for example, and then back it up with more reports, online tools, or even an in-person demonstration.

#5 It’s Not Just About Your Product or Service

Although many marketers like to let their products and services “speak for themselves,” the reality is that things like branding, personality, and company history all come into play when choosing a vendor or solution. Keep that in mind, and don’t forget to “tell a story” with your marketing when you need to. It could make the difference between a successful conversion and missed opportunity.

This article was provided by Avex. A creative digital agency in NYC.