5 Magic Factors That Make Your Mobile App a Grand Success

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A decade ago, having a mobile app was a big thing for the organizations. Later, when enterprises start looking for ways the mobile apps can be leveraged, app downloads and revenue through mobile apps crossed the billions mark.

Now, the wave of mobile app development is spreading like wildfire and app stores are flooded with millions of applications.

According to the Gartner’s research, “Over 268 billion mobile downloads will generate an income of $77 billion in 2017.”

Well, it makes sense to shape a mobile app idea into a full-fledged solution that eased the lives of the users with improved usability and experience helps businesses to gain handsome ROI. However, there exists a challenge- the decision of crafting a mobile app is easy, but building a well-designed and high-quality app that perfectly addresses the business need is a hard nut to crack.

How can the mobile app in the white hot mobile market be made a great feat? Certainly, it’s feasible when every phase of the mobile app creation is strategically designed, and all the critical factors considered.

Let’s take a look at the key elements that guarantees mobile app success:

  • Don’t let users waiting. They just hate it!

The delays are always annoying and deter users to move ahead. Be it, standing in a long queue or waiting for the pages to load. When it comes to mobile applications, it should open right away, else the lags in the opening of app or transition from one page to another make the app’s starting on a bad note.

According to a research, “85% of mobile users expect pages to load as fast as possible or faster than they load on the desktop, and 52% of customers are less likely to engage with a company due to a bad mobile experience.”

To not let the users detest the app, the loading time should not be longer than 5 seconds. It’s possible when the designs included in the app should be of small size so that they consume less memory and can easily load on the smartphones of varied CPU and RAM capability.

Moreover, when content in certain pages takes more than 10 seconds to load, then including animated indicators that entertain and engage the users in the lag time helps.

The speed is a killer factor but don’t let it kill your app!

  • The onboarding should be a piece of cake

The registration and login screens are the doorway to the mobile app from where the user’s journey to the mobile app starts. The right onboarding screens are a key to improve user activation, retention,and engagement, to garner the user data. But, sometimes, several fields on the registration page deter the users to register, and consequently, users abandon the app.

The registration form must be kept short and include only necessary information for users profiling. Also, the social login helps which enables users to register or login in a few clicks. The another factor that needs no introduction is the guest checkout option especially for the M-commerce apps.

In a nutshell, keep the registration dead easy to make it highly accessible to the target audience and keep the checkout process equally simple and subtle.

  • Functionality – Must be simple, but offers value

The real fun of using an app lies in the glitch-free and smooth functioning of the apps just like a gameplay. The mobile apps that have scored high on popularity, functions extremely well regardless of the device they are working on.

The easy to access and play with features must serve the purpose by providing value to the users. The innovative features in the app should make users feel unique and rewarded every time when they use it.

Keep the app light by including only important features that make the app intriguing, interesting and impressive.

  • Design – The excellent combination of UI and UX

A successful mobile app guarantees that it has the best utility, usability and user interface, which in turn enrich the user experience. These all are judged by the users in their first visit to the mobile app, which signals the first impression of the mobile app and may turn the visitor into potential customers or make them shun the app forever.

The complete magic is in the hands of the well-designed user interface, graphics, and layout. The intuitive interface should be crafted not for techies, but for the naïve users which makes it easily understandable, self-explanatory and clutter-free.

The design is the main ingredient of the mobile app success recipe, so keep it simple, concise and clear.

  • Transform freemium apps into the premium

On the app store, just name it and you will find a plethora of mobile apps. Undoubtedly, in such scenario, when the outstanding apps that top the charts on app stores are available at free, then who will be interested in spending dollars for your app even before downloading it.

Even, the free apps are vying for users’ attention. It hints you have to make your app cost zero bucks to foster the users download and give it a try.

How about generating revenue? Don’t worry! The thousands of dollars you have spent on mobile app development won’t get wasted. When your app gains a giant userbase, the businesses will wanted to pay a good sum of money to advertise on your app and from there on the journey to earn million dollars begin. Besides, in-app purchases is also a good alternative to keep the users engaged.

In short, initially, keep the app free and then make the users and businesses pay for it.

The roadmap to successful app

The mobile apps bridge the gap between business offerings and users’ needs. The bridge created must be appealing, usable and functioning well. Sometimes, a single flaw in the mobile app becomes the prominent reason of its failure.

Be careful! The brilliant app experience can bring a phenomenal difference in the app and which can be directly translated into high ROI.

That’s why we have rounded up the five critical factors that let your app meet the business and users need to the notch. Do consider the points from app strategizing to the final marketing to stay perfect and enjoy million dollar success with a successful mobile app.