6 Top Reasons To Choose Ionic Framework for Hybrid App Development

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In this blog, we explain why an Ionic developer should choose the Ionic framework for hybrid applications.

It might be the fact that you are in the beginning stages in the wonderful world of application development and would like to know which happens to be the proper framework of usage. At present, mobile app development has turned out to be the trend and you will come across lots of technology, frameworks, and languages as well as a great deal of paraphernalia that can be found in the marketplace. Each comes with its advantages and disadvantages and it will take a substantial amount of time before deciding to look at them.

We will address why a developer should choose the Ionic Architecture for hybrid application development in the following section. However, before doing that, we will take a look at what the ionic framework is.

What is the Ionic Framework?

This is an open-source UI toolkit that is utilized for producing top quality mobile and desktop programs using web technologies such as CSS, HTML, and also JavaScript. Ionic application advancement’s primary focus is on the front end UI contact, which is buttons, motions, animations, and so on.

One of the better characteristics of the Ionic framework is that one can integrate it effortlessly with other libraries and frameworks and it can also be employed as a standalone platform.

Why Use an Ionic System to Build Hybrid Applications?

As stated earlier, the Ionic Framework allows a mix of languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to be used, and because it is an open-source platform, it has proven to be a favored framework for experts in mobile application development.

We’re going to look closely into a few of the other advantages of Ionic Framework and also why it should be selected for any kind of hybrid application development.

Across Platforms

In case you plan to create an app that can work across every single platform rather than focusing on one particular operating system such as Android, iOS, or Windows Phone in that case Ionic Framework ought to be your go-to program. With the choice of different languages providing you with the ability to convert from one operating system to another, Ionic Framework provides you with that opportunity.

Furthermore, by opting for a crossbreed language rather than an indigenous language you need to invest less money and time for developing the application along with learning every single language for every platform.


One significant advantage of the Ionic Framework is the fact that it is possible to develop an app for free. Although it might normally cost $1000 for a platform, with the Ionic Framework there is no need to spend even one penny on it.

The money can be spent on performing your research, as well as advertising ad campaigns rather than in creating the application.

Open Source

When a website developer is recruited, they will claim that there is a lack of stability involved with open source, and for quite a few, the fact that the Ionic Platform is an open-source framework may be a major drawback.

Although it is correct for several options, it is not when it comes to the Ionic Framework. Quite a few Ionic app developers can ensure the applications’ stability which was produced on this platform without facing any kind of stability problems.

Angular Base

For mobile as well as web apps, Angular can be considered to be a well-known framework intended for the developers. You will also use it to create other web applications through learning the language.

You’ll come across other additional advantages such as the option of extending the HTML syntax to ensure that components can be incorporated within the app you developed.

Cordova Plugins

Plugins happen to be the most beneficial and important features in creating applications. In case you are fresh to the field of app development and you are unfamiliar with the word plugin, it is a code. This code is coded in JavaScript that is attached to the application which enables the developer to perform several things given that it is close to the indigenous language of the platform that you will be focusing on.

The Ionic framework makes use of Cordova Plugins which enables you to access different attributes of an operating system, such as Camera, Geo Location, Battery, and so forth. This type of plugin provides you with the opportunity of creating an app that can achieve its optimum working capability by making use of a number of these features.

Large Community

Even if you’re a professional in mobile and website app development, it is a tough job. Therefore if you happen to be a newcomer to the Ionic framework you will require assistance. You will have various issues that you may encounter while you are creating an Ionic application. Thanks to the massive Ionic community,  energetic and willing developers as well as users of this particular community are always prepared to help you.

  • They happen to be an energetic group of individuals while they continue to post and provide updates regarding the Ionic framework, Angular as well as any relevant subject on specific YouTube channels or different forums.
  • In case you look for the Ionic founders you can find them on social networking sites as well and they are going to help you as well if required.
  • In comparison to the iOS application or any kind of Android app Ionic Framework while coupled with Angular JS as well as Cordova they present an ideal podium for any hybrid app. Therefore while there might be lots of reasons for making use of Ionic Framework such as it is free, it happens to be open-source, provides significantly better UI experience, and so forth.

However, one essential factor which a developer must always remember while creating an application is to provide optimum exposure. Creating an application on the Ionic framework makes sure that because it is simple to create a hybrid application with this platform. You simply need to learn Angular and commence building the app.

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