7 Tips to Create Engaging Content for Your Mobile App

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7 tips for engaging content for mobile apps wrote by the experinced team of designers and developers from Factory.

If you are thinking about a mobile app for your business, we are talking about one of more than 2.6 million mobile apps available on the Google store and more than 1.8 million mobile apps on iTunes. All those apps have some content, and you have to have your competitive content because a custom made app doesn’t include loyal users. 

Factory is one of the leading Croatian agency for design and Android app development, as well as for iOS app development, so don’t skip our 7 best tips for engaging content if you want high-quality results.

1. Target and Research Your Customers Right

If you want results immediately, you have to know that targeting an audience isn’t that simple and fast. Every of your customer is different, but if they need your services – use that smart. Your current customer base is excellent for better research and thinking about your customer age, gender, education level, location, values, behavior and, above all that, you need to know what are their interests. 

All of this can take some time, but keep in mind that investment in proper research is always double profitable.

2. Get Feedback from Your Users

Except investing in research and targeting your investment is also in developing an app through time and money. All that you have to do because you want satisfied and loyal customers.

Feedback from them is the most valuable thing.  After that, you will know if your direction is right, where you can make things better and what they want to see in your app. There are many ways to get feedback from users, and we will show you some of them which were great examples in the app that our teams worked on.

First, you can create a function that customers can easily access and if you name it “Get feedback” or “Something missing?” your users will text you what they think about your app or about things you can improve for them. In that way, you will, for free, have feedback and idea what you can do next for them.

Also, if you have customer service, you can add “Call customer service” section and be in direct connections with your customers — that option we made for Sheeel iOS and Android application.

3. Integrate Your Content with Social Media

If you think that you don’t need Facebook or any other social media, let us know what about that think your clients.

We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Gmail or Snapchat for a couple of hours in our day, so don’t underestimate that channel for spreading information.

Integration with social media, your app will get added value. Today, social media is one of the most powerful tools for advertising (TV is still no.1), and if you add influencers in that, you will have the perfect formula for best advertising.

Being on social media is a must!

4. Customers Need Helpful Product Descriptions

After the product, information about the product is the most important when you are selling online. Make sure that all primary information is on the same page as pictures as the product. Moreover, when we talk about images adding more than one image of the product is more than welcome.

It’s crucial that you present your product in the best way you can.

Also, users want to see as many information in “read more about a product” section, so don’t be skimpy with descriptions.

Offer everything you have, and user needs, for the product that he watches. Alternatively, to make sure that he will purchase offer “similar product” where users can see similar products and see there is a better deal for them.

5. Keep the User After They Spend the Coupon

Special offers and discounts everybody loves, so make sure if you use something like this that your content is still informative and top quality because after there is no discount or special offer your users might will delete the app.

A loyalty club is also an option. You love loyal users, and users love loyalty, it’s simple!

Users in that club can be your valuable source for statistic, what they like, what they don’t like about your brand or you can give them a new product for testing.

6. Collect Impressions and Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Users are the best influencers for your business. They talk mutually about app or product they use which they buy from you. Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about arranging influencers on social media who have more power to influence people. 

Also, you have to think about brand awareness which you can have with bigger creativity and well-thought marketing campaign. If you let your users be story creators your brand will have more awareness and you will get users trust.

Giveaways, after influencers, are mostly used for promoting business. Give people free product and look at how they are doing marketing for you. If they like your product, they will recommend it to friends, family and their followers on social media, and even if they don’t want your product or service, they will have respect for your idea. Connection with our customers makes people around them to your customers later.

Not always, but giveaways can include influencers for better targeting audience.

7. Your Content Needs to Be Interactive – Include a Call to Action Button

You have two goals with your app – happy customers and selling service or product. Call to action button is designed for users, and every designer thinks about best color, shape, and position for button.

We already write about images, product, and top quality content, but if everything is right and you don’t have a good call to action button your customers will leave the page before purchase.

Examples of suitable “call to action” button are: buy now, sign up for free, subscribe, join, get started, say hi or call now. With a call to action button, you won’t miss a chance to make interaction with users.

Tools to Help You out with Creating Engaging Content

If you are in online business for a while you already know most of this things, but here are some of the useful tools that might help you with your already good job of making engaging content for your mobile app:

Snip.ly – you can add a CTA to every link you share

WordCounter – online editor can help you to improve word choice and writing style or detect grammar mistakes and plagiarism

Click To Tweet – a free plugin which allows you to create tweetable content for your consumers easily

Do My Assignment – one of the best online proofreading tools

Conclusion — You Need 3 Things: An Idea, a Budget and Time!

It would help if you had a checklist before starting a mobile app, and after you have app listen to your users’ needs. A mobile app is not a one time job – it’s a stake in the future.

Don’t ever forget to include your users in creating a story about the brand because they are your audience and loyal audience is the best voice of the brand.

The best way to grow up business is to work on improvements and content continually. Your users will appreciate it more than anything else in your app.

If you still don’t have a mobile app, but you have a successful business story don’t miss the chance to contact us, and we will be glad to help you to make your business grow even more.