8 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO Rankings

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If you have a physical store and want to build a local customer base, you will be needing local search engine optimization. Local SEO is the process of improving the online visibility of your brick-and-mortar store on search engines. With the help of the local SEO services, the local businesses can gain a significant amount of organic traffic to their official business website. Local SEO will help the local business owners to build trust among the potential local customers. Now, let’s learn in detail how one can improve the local SEO of the client’s business.

How to improve your local SEO rankings?

For small and medium businesses, local SEO is absolutely necessary. Companies help the websites to appear on search engine results pages of specific locations. Let’s learn about different ways to improve local SEO rankings.

Google my business account

To improve the local SEO of your business, you need to optimize your Google listing. You should create a Google my business account with up-to-date information, logo, opening hours, closing hours, accepted payment methods, product or service images et cetera. You should also post Google my business dashboard.

Regular reviews of customers

You should entertain the happy customers to drop constructive reviews on the comment section of your business website. You can ask customers through post-purchase emails and text for writing a review. Don’t forget to respond to these online reviews in a professional way. After all, it has been seen that around 85% of the potential customers decide choosing a particular brand from these reviews or recommendations. For boosting local SEO rank, take the online reviews seriously.

Local news, stories and events

To enhance the local SEO rank, the Local SEO company advises to add local news, local events et cetera on your blogs, vlogs and other web content. You can also add videos about local charities as well to draw more local traffic to your website.

Location-specific webpage

Your official business website must have a location page pointing the exact location of the business on Google maps. If you have more than one such physical store you need to add their location links on your “about us” page for boosting the local SEO rank. This way, the local customers will get to know about your location and Google will show them the exact direction to reach your store.

Local keywords

To appear on the local search results, your business needs to add plenty of relevant keywords on the web content. This way, the search engine will get to know about the content of your website and it will be much easier for the search engine to recommend your website whenever there is relevant search.

Internal linking

For improving the rank of local SEO, you can ask influencers to add your link to their websites and vice versa. The local internal linking helps the website in a number of ways such as supporting website navigation, website hierarchy, information architecture, distributing page authorities and so on.

Content optimisation

Believe it or not, it is one of the important Local SEO services. Here, the local SEO company optimizes your content thoroughly thereby enhancing the rank of the website on local search engine results.

Mobile friendly website

For local SEO success, you should make your website mobile friendly. After all, more than 50% of Google searches are conducted on mobile by local customers.

Now that you have a concrete idea of how to improve your local SEO rank, you can think about hiring a reputable local SEO company for all the local SEO services needed by your business. This will help your business emerge as a trustworthy and highly visible business on local search engine results.