Are You Struggling with Your Current Development Team?

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It is difficult to clean other developer’s shit, isn’t it? For us, it’s not. We let the customers focus on their businesses while we take care of IT.

At the backdrop of fast-changing technology and business environment, offshore software development continues to hold the lion’s share in the global outsourcing market. A software developer’s role today require them to wear many ‘hats’ to survive in the ever competitive environment. However, not many companies successfully figure out whether their software developers are capable of bearing the responsibilities of new roles. Software developers have to move up the value chain by quickly shifting to agile from waterfall software development methods.

But, the biggest dilemma appears when one has to look for a trustable vendor that can deliver a scalable solution to them. In Past 3 years, we have come across the cases when the client’s businesses were stuck badly owing to the issues (financial, communication, quality) they had with their current vendors.

When we were approached to take over the solution, few things were common in all the cases as listed below:

1) The software solutions were well built but not well maintained, which meant that the code did not allow to make changes efficiently, fix bugs quickly or add new features without major changes

2) The solutions were built without understanding the client’s business operations. Why the solution was needed, Who would operate it, how would they like to operate it? This ended up in solutions with lots of modules with least usability.

3) The transformation process was a bumpy road since the old vendor did not have any Architecture Document, Technical and Functional Design Documents, Deployment Process Documents.

Based on the above, we created a simple check-list that every business looking for outsourcing work must refer before selecting the vendor:

  • Ask if they have done similar implementation earlier
  • Know their processes regarding:
    • Project Documentation
    • Deployment Environments
    • Solution Maintanability
    • Back-ups and System Monitoring
    • Security Aspects
  • Find out the kind of expertise your IT team must bring to work around the solution, as and when required.
  • Value addition they can bring to the solution

A company may agree to deliver solutions at a cheaper cost but in the end, the business might suffer huge cost impacts if the solutions are not developed with the above things in mind.

Along with the list of business requirements for the project, it is always great to have a workshop with that describes pain points, the outcome desired, target audience,  value additions, expectations from delivery, cost and schedule point of view.

We, at Memorres, exhibit the habits of software programmes who cares about the customers we work with. Our aim is to let our clients focus on their business while we focus on their continuous digital business growth enabling them to generate more profit.