Best Medical and Healthcare App Development Companies of 2020-21!

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This write-up elaborates on the best-in-class Medical and Healthcare App Development Companies of the years 2020-2021! Have a Look!

The healthcare sector is growing leaps and bounds and is at its peak now. Right from giant hospitals to large pharmacies to individual clinics, everyone is adopting advanced healthcare technologies to enhance their services, improve productivity and cater to their consumers aptly.

If we look at some stats, the total expenditure on healthcare products and services of the US is almost 17% of its GDP. Also, the US spends approximately 10,600 USD per capita on only healthcare-related services, which is the highest across the globe, followed by Norway and Switzerland.

These stats indicate that the healthcare domain is growing exponentially. So, all kinds of healthcare bodies and other medical facilities are investing in digital healthcare apps, management systems, etc. at a fast pace.

Below is the list of top healthcare app development companies in 2020-21:


Biz4Solutions is one of the well-established healthcare app development companies located in Texas, USA. It is known for building a wide range of customized medical and healthcare app solutions. The company has a decade-long experience in this arena and they have adopted pioneering technologies like IoT, cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain, RPA, data analytics, etc. for creating next-gen healthcare products.

Their healthcare development team is located in India and has 100+ passionate tech nerds. This team comes with exceptional capabilities and experience to deliver transformative healthcare apps and solutions. They already have architected patient engagement applications, appointment scheduling apps, on-demand doctor apps, healthcare management systems, and much more. Besides, their app solutions are HIPAA compliant to ensure high-level security of medical data. Their client-focused approach makes them stand apart from the rest of their competitors.

Dogtown Media

This healthcare development firm aims to create a positive impact on the patients’ or end-users lives by developing life-saving digital solutions. Their development team, together with their healthcare experts provide solutions that simplify several processes in hospitals, solve vital issues like scheduling appointments on phones without the need to call, and they also design products like mHealth apps that enhance the quality of patient treatment. Besides, they excel at improving medical app functionality, redesigning older apps, troubleshooting, and interface designing. They have fabricated several fully functional and commercially viable medical apps as of now.

Appinventiv Technologies

Appinventiv Technologies is another top firm that offers custom healthcare products and services for diverse healthcare professionals, health-conscious people, patients, and other intermediaries like hospital administration, pharmacists, etc. Appinventiv started its journey in 2015 and today, it is a world-class healthcare company. They too excel in most advanced technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, AI, Blockchain, etc. Besides healthcare, they also provide their software services to the entertainment industry, real estate, banking and finance, etc. sectors.

Siddhi Infosoft

This organization has been one of the leading companies providing amazing web and mobile app development services for healthcare and several other industrial sectors. It was founded in 2011 and since then, they have brought several innovative ideas to life by crafting unparalleled mHealth apps and similar solutions. They have extensive industry experience and have fabricated digital solutions that resolve the real problems of medical organizations and add value to their patient’s lives. Their exceptional work quality, timely delivery of work, and professionalism have been the major drivers that satisfy the clients and keep them bounded.


TechExactly is one of the best healthcare development entities having a diverse clientele across the globe. This company helps healthcare organizations, care providers, and other medical businesses to gain operational efficiency and competitive advantage by creating bespoke medical apps and solutions for them. They have developed smart, sophisticated, and user-friendly medical apps for both- patients and doctors. Furthermore, the compliance-fit mHealth applications developed by them have introduced a unique way of providing care.

Space-O Technologies

Space-O Technologies aims to make healthcare accessible to everyone by following best industry practices and offering a wide range of custom medical solutions. The company provides top-grade healthcare solutions that attempt to integrate primary, residential, inpatient, outpatient, and community-based care, for offering a well-coordinated and holistic care environment for the patients. They abide by HIPAA guidelines to make sure that their app solutions are safe and secure when it comes to sensitive patient information.

Hidden Brains

This is a renowned healthcare IT consulting and service provider firm that aims at providing advanced quality solutions for diverse types of healthcare clients. They excel in the creation of high-end innovative app solutions that drive transformation in healthcare organizations leveraging them. Their solutions are meant to connect patients to practitioners, caregivers to their colleagues, and medical providers to patient records for improving care practices. They have designed various telemedicine app solutions, clinical communication systems, fitness apps, pharmacy solutions, etc. as of now.

Octal IT Solutions

Based in India, Octal IT Solutions is well-known for providing impactful healthcare products and services that are transforming several medical facilities and healthcare businesses all over the world. Their development team always keeps themselves updated with the latest trends and implementations to deliver unique and client-centric healthcare solutions. Since their inception, they have worked hard and earned a vast client base in the healthcare world by crafting tailored healthcare mobile applications for them.

Konstant Infosolutions

This firm caters to different types of audiences in the healthcare domain. Their team architects healthcare software applications for overall hospital workflow management, for patient education and engagement, for empowering doctors and physicians, for ensuring patient-physician communication, for millennials through new-age wearable and fitness applications, and also for boosting the revenue for healthcare facilities.


This is an eminent IT solutions provider delivering complex healthcare solutions to a large number of clients globally. They have a specialized team of healthcare developers for creating mHealth apps and healthcare solutions for physicians, patients, clinicians, and other caregivers. They ensure that their solutions are comprehensive, compliant, and secure. Peerbits has developed a host of solutions like medical apps, wellness apps, remote healthcare apps, health monitoring systems, mHealth connectivity apps, etc.

Final Thoughts

With digitalization, the medical industry has grown exponentially over the years. Besides, the Covid-19 pandemic has made the healthcare sector rely all the more on technology. So, a large number of medical facilities and firms are investing in developing medical software applications, and comprehensive healthcare management systems. But it is quite a dubious task to find a team of expert healthcare app developers or the right healthcare mobile app development partner out of thousands of them available worldwide.

We hope that our blog helps you in selecting the right healthcare development vendor as we have crafted this list of some expert, professional, and technically well-equipped healthcare development firms here, from which you can choose the most relevant partner for your project. Reach out to us for more information.

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