BMAPP – Building Manager Application

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BMapp makes digital building documantation, support for operation phase together with ticketing system for different types of parts.

Bmapp mission

Bmapp AG is already shaping the future with their innovative software. Their goal is to continuously increase the attractiveness for customers, partners and employees. Bmapp focuses on people.

Bmapp is driven by one single task: Bmapp wants to make their customers even more successful with innovations and practical solutions of the best possible quality. It is very important to our team that we can show you a simple way how you can reduce costs in the long term and significantly improve the quality of your work at the same time.

Our mission

We collaborated on an interesting project for BMapp. MM Studio analysed the full requirements and developed a mobile hybrid application for iOS and Android. Mobile applications were developed using the Flutter framework supported by Google.

MM Studio developed an administration tool and mobile app for modern security and door specialist planners as they can work faster, more efficiently and more effectively using the BMapp.


  • User-friendly
  • Defect management by means of image, text and predef. standard text
  • Ideal system for the client, planner, user, FM, electrician etc.
  • User customizing
  • Compatible with iOS
  • Compatible with Android
  • Log file generation as PDF
  • Multi User compatibility
  • For the trades doors and gates, firewall, electrical, HVACS, and more.
  • Server located in Switzerland
  • Offline functionality for floors without internet access.

The administration panel is used for full building maintenance for floors and importing parts. Users can locate parts on the floor map via the admin or mobile app. Users can administrate full part elements for each type. Mobile users can add tickets in online and offline mode.

A special module exports the full floor plans as a pdf displaying complete details of items, parts and elements.