Branding, Signage, Custom Mural Design, & Online Store for Go Oral Care

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We created a new brand, online store, and mural design to help our client achieve their goal: to provide a one-stop-shop for a picture-perfect smile!

Our goal was to create a captivating identity for a brand new dental company. We designed a logo, as well as signage and a custom mural for their brick and mortar store. These elements needed to work together with the online store which we also built.


Go Oral Care is serious about smile care! They found a gap in the market for customers who are looking for a dazzling smile but don’t necessarily want to visit a dentist’s office to get one. What if customers could get their teeth cleaned, whitened, straightened, or their breath freshened during their lunch break? Instead of going to an unwelcoming dentist’s office, what if they could just pop in to Go Oral Care in the mall after doing their grocery shopping? It’s a whole new way of thinking about dental care.


  •  Logo design
  •  Shop signage design
  •  Custom mural design
  •  E-commerce store design and development


Go Oral Care approached us to help them realise their vision. They were breaking new ground here, and needed a strong brand and web presence to make a success of it! We were asked to create a logo design that would translate well into signage for their physical store. They also needed a way to draw customers into, both their e-commerce store, as well as their physical store located in a high-end mall in Johannesburg, South Africa.


We started with the logo design. Because the shop signage was to be executed in a lightbox format, we needed to ensure that the letter width and spacing would work well in die-cut perspex. There also needed to be enough surface area on each letter to allow the backlighting to shine through. So, although the logo design is quite simple in style, there were a lot of technical considerations that went into its execution.

Our next challenge was to think of a way to draw customers into the store. We decided that the most effective way would be to design a bold, colourful mural that would grab shoppers’ attention as they walk past. This has proved to be working just as planned! The shop signage and mural work hand-in-hand with the clean interior that the team at Go Oral Care put together.

In conjunction with the branding phase of the project, we worked on designing and developing a user-friendly, e-commerce store. The store provides information about the services available at Go Oral Care, as well as the high-end range of products they have for sale. In addition, we were required to add functionality allowing users to book appointments, purchase subscriptions, send gift cards, and buy products online.

Technology & Skillset

  •  Shopify
  •  Frontend development
  •  User experience (UX)
  •  User interface (UI)

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