Case Study: Article Marketing For A Cryptocurrency Website

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The task: to promote a cryptocurrency service using articles in several language markets. The result: 5 free publications in 2 months!

The client is an Ethereum token explorer. The product is for people interested in cryptocurrencies at the amateur and professional levels, who want to track changes in the Ethereum exchange rate in real-time, receive notifications of exchange rate changes via messengers, and track transactions, wallet balances, and portfolios for any Ethereum address and token, and much more.

Initially, the service was offered only in English. When the client contacted us, Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean versions of the website were being prepared for launch.

The task

  1. To find popular online news sources on cryptocurrency topics in Russian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean, that would potentially be interested in publishing an article about the release of a localized version of the website. These sources were not to be blog platforms where companies publish their own articles, but large niche publications.
  2. To reach an agreement for free publication of an article (at least one for each language).
  3. To produce, if necessary, the actual text of the news release and its translation into the desired language.

The Service: Content Marketing

Content marketing is a service that creates and posts useful and unique content related to your business. Depending on the initial state of your website content, as well as your goals, we determine a list of work to be performed. This may be preparing a content strategy and content plan, copywriting, publication of articles on your own and external platforms, localization, transcreation, and much more.

Work performed

The first stage was to launch versions in Russian and Spanish. For this reason, we began studying resources on the topic of crypto and promoting articles in these specific language markets.

The most popular and influential resources were identified, and contact information was located not only for editorial offices but also for individual journalists specializing in news about Ethereum. Letters or messages were sent to everyone, inviting them to be the first to cover the news that a localized version of the product had been released. Next followed communication with those who showed interest.

It should be noted that when searching for Russian-language news sources we covered not only Russia but also other Russian-speaking countries. Similarly, for the Spanish version, we worked with Spain as well as Argentina and Venezuela.

  1. The second stage was the Turkish, French, and Chinese versions. Accordingly, work began in these markets.
  2. The third stage was devoted to the Vietnamese and Korean versions.

When providing article marketing for a website on external resources in different language regions, it is important to be sensitive to the peculiarities of doing business in each individual country and to respond flexibly to them. The agreements and how they were reached in Russia differed radically from interactions in France, for example, while in the Asian countries we never even reached the point of negotiations.

Results of article marketing efforts

  1. 2 articles were published in Spanish (one paid), 1 article in Russian, 2 in French, and 1 in Turkish. In Korea and Vietnam, only paid publication options were offered.
  2. 2 news texts were written, which were then rewritten if necessary and translated into the required language.

Ultimately, 5 articles were published for free on a very competitive topic over 2.5 months of work — a very satisfactory outcome! In that time over 300 proposal letters and reminders were sent, as well as over 50 messages via Facebook and LinkedIn, and over 20 website contact forms were filled out.

An extensive database was collected on local news sources specializing in cryptocurrencies, and contacts were established with several international publications. This groundwork will allow for the future publication of articles with less effort.