Communication and Collaboration App

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The main deliverable was a communication app that serves as a unified platform for the staff members’ technology-based interactions.

The Challenge

Taking a cruise is something truly relaxing but behind the curtains, there are thousands of people from different departments, working 24/7 to make sure that every part of the journey is well organized. In order to achieve such perfection in hospitality, you need to embrace new technologies and make sure that everyone is informed on time and well connected.

Creating a mobile application that will work in the middle of the ocean confronted us with extraordinary challenges. Sending or receiving messages without an internet connection (no push notifications) was the key issue we had to overcome.

The Solution

Mastering these limited network conditions required specific and deep know-how so our years of experience in creating real-time communication apps were crucial in building a high-quality solution.

The idea behind the CrewApp was to make the life and work of the crew onboard easier by providing them with a unified access point for communication and collaboration, thereby being a valuable addition for maintaining strong working relationships on all levels.


Whether it’s 1-on-1 or group chat, a news and events portal, crew directory, ship navigation map, guest activity calendar, family chat, ship-to-shore or ship-to-ship communication, DECODE provided it all in one exceptional app.


iOS and Android — React Native
Backend — Java Spring Boot