Community Coffee #StyleYourPlate

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Community Coffee requested the help of HireInfluence to debut a fresh new look and branding at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago.


The HireInfluence team recruited a celebrity influencer to hold in-booth demonstrations that brought in high-impact content that not only connected with show attendees but resonated with her millions of followers on social media.

The celebrity influencer took the audience on a journey from announcing the Community Coffee collaboration to showcasing teasers, behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage, video demonstrations from the event, as well as highly stylized product shots. This story-telling collaboration ensured maximum coverage and engagement both on and offline.

Influencer Creation

Our team curated and vetted top-tier celebrity influencers who specialize in food photography, staging and styling with a targeted age demographic of 25-40 years old. The chosen influencer for the campaign checked all the boxes. She demonstrated proficiency with speaking to large, live audiences on the topics of photography and proper food styling, along with the important use of social media in marketing and engagement strategies.

Campaign Execution

The influencer held 6 one-hour demonstrations at Community Coffee’s booth over the course of the show. Three focused products (Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, and Sweet Lemonade) were used to demo proper food styling techniques, photography and editing tricks for trade show-goers. To create social media buzz at the event, all content was syndicated to Twitter with the official hashtag, which showcased real-time content.


Impressions: 30.9M

Engagement: 551K

CPE: $.027

Influencers: 1