Flood Risk Tool for US Residents

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We were challenged with integrating several third-party data sources, to provide users with their true flood risk.

The Challenge

The USA’s Federal Emergency Management Agency’s existing flood risk data has limitations, giving residents a false indication of their flood risk. This has left millions vulnerable to flooding events, and unaware of their actual risk. AB Risk Corporation, an affiliate of National Flood Insurance, LLC, in partnership with Shoothill Ltd recognized that flooding remains the greatest uninsured risk in the United States and set out to provide a solution

Our Solution

Shoothill developed My Flood Risk, a free and interactive, web-based platform to help property owners determine their true flood risk. Utilizing several industry-proven flood risk factors and comprehensive, up-to-date data, it gives an overall score representing the true flood risk for each property in America. As well as providing users with their flood risk, My Flood Risk also provides an interactive cost of flooding tool, allowing users to determine the potential monetary loss of a flooding event. The website also features informative flood-related articles on topics ranging from flood mitigation and flood preparedness to flood legislation.


The My Flood Risk tool is revolutionary within the US market, providing the public with access to accurate flood data they never had before. The website has been a vital resource for many, who previously thought they were safe from flooding. The innovation hasn’t gone unnoticed, as it has garnered attention from many key flood insurers who would see this as a massive benefit for their customers.