Hangout Music Week

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The world’s first online music festival.


Google was about to launch a new function on its Hangout platform which improved the music playback by 100%.


Communicate the improvement using Google Hangouts and reach the most amount of people while doing so.


The obvious idea was to communicate with Music in mind.

We contacted Latin America’s most popular music stars at that moment:

  • Los Cafres, Natalia Lafourcade, NTVG, Los Auténticos Decadentes, Andrea Echeverri among others.

We proposed them to organize World’s first (online only) 5-day online event where Google Hangouts was the visible stage.

All of them accepted.

  • We spent a week live-broadcasting 15 live-gigs from 4 different locations in Latin America;
  • The result exceeded all expectations (even musicians where surprised);
  • Many music news outlets picked it up mentioning both the novelty of the idea and how well it was executed.

Fans all around the world participated in the live-stream and experienced the Hangout Music week enjoying Latin America’s best music from the comfort of their homes.


Live Users:  170,000+