How Did Careem Become a Global Leader in Transportation?

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Careem, a transportation network company founded just 7 years ago has achieved it all.

Client Requirement

Our client Careem required some basic features, which would be enhanced regularly. This includes the design and development of 3 panels: the User Panel, Driver Panel, and Admin panel.

Since both the driver and customer use different apps, which serve different purposes, it is extremely important to make all the applications with the same expertise, smoothness, and efficiency.

Some other features like GPS tracker, fare calculator, approximate time telling, and real-time updates were required to be updated in other versions of the application.


The basic features in most of our transportation client applications include all three panels. However, it could vary slightly according to market requirements.

  • Book your ride anytime
  • Experience a safe & quick ride
  • Find and save your favorite locations
  • Get multiple payment options


1. Real-time location tracker on Maps

This was the major concern our client faced. In this, the exact location of the customer was not easy to track.

Solution: Our vast experience helped us solve the problem by purchasing Google features on Maps, which are paid. For this, we got the required API key and enabled them. With slight optimization in code, we were able to get through this problem. Also, our 8 years of experience helped us to solve this problem in a short time.

2. Messaging a customer

Calling a driver or a customer is easy but having messaging features allows more feasibility.

Solution: To tackle this problem we made sure that we build prototypes and work on them. One of the main objectives was to enhance the speed of delivering messages from the driver to the user side. Our experienced developers helped us remove this within a few days. Also, we added a speech recognition feature so that messaging becomes easier.


From its start way back in 2013, we are glad that we have been an important part of its journey. Careem currently operates in 14 countries with the UAE being its main market where it has edged past Uber. This is one of the main reasons why Fluper has been rated as the #1 Mobo agency in the UAE by several platforms.