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Nissan eCommerce Launch

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Nissan eCommerce is a unique platform to sell Nissan cars. It was a new thing in the market and needed a lot of awareness.


To create awareness, engagement, and traffic to the website and sell 30 New cars every month


People prefer reserving cars by physically walking in the dealership and won’t reserve until they see the car


  • Interactive creative with dynamic finance calculator.
  • Dynamic creative adaptation that is AI-driven to show car listing based on user behavior and preference to increase engagement.
  • Rich media approach to spread awareness and be top of mind.
  • Targeted mostly Websites where users go to browse through used car listings like Dubizzle to redirect traffic.


  • Successful Phase 1 with a bounce rate of less than 45% and decreasing every month.
  • Boosted organic traffic to 22,000 organic unique users in 2nd month.
  • Returning users ratio increased to 34% by 2nd month.