Online Marketing for Jewelry eCommerce

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UAATEAM’s work on boosting the sales for a global jewelry company.


The Challenge

Our client, the Jewelry eCommerce Project, sells jewelry worldwide. When we engaged our client, they were already running many advertising campaigns, but the performance of these campaigns was poor. The client requested that we enhance their sales and return on ad spend (ROAS).

We were interested in the project due to its worldwide nature. It required us to discover appropriate audiences around the globe. Specifically, the challenges we had to address were:

  • high competition levels
  • buyers’ long decision processes
  • promotion in many languages (English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese).

The Solution

Our team got to work right away, setting up e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for both Universal Analytics and GA4. We also implemented dynamic remarketing codes and generated product feeds – all with the intention of increasing conversion rates while ensuring accurate bug-free tracking.

For stage two of the project, we carefully selected keywords including negative ones that could power our search campaigns revolving around jewelry categories. We also diversified our approach by using:

  • branded advertising campaigns
  • Google Smart shopping
  • DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) and Display Ads to prospective buyers who signed up for the client’s newsletter.

As part of our campaign expansion, we used sophisticated geotargeting and language targeting strategies to increase performance effectiveness.

We implemented a content plan for promotions tailored to each country’s holidays with separate ads, extensions, banners, and Performance Max campaigns. Additionally, we further optimized audience data by integrating Klaviyo’s email marketing service with Google Ads, which ultimately produced positive results.

Following a year of downtime, our team launched Facebook Ads with multiple components to ensure success.

We included standard campaigns and banners for website conversion, catalog product sales ads, and Advantage+ campaigns, along with dynamic remarketing. Additionally, all the campaign efforts were segmented on a country-by-country basis, while multilingual versions of texts further enabled us to target audiences based on our analysis from existing data in accounts, as well as our experience with similar projects in the past.

The Result

As a result, within three months of beginning our work, we saw a significant rise in revenue, and the average ROAS soared from 20% to over 300%.