OrganicNet – a social marketplace for organic food

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OrganicNet is an online social marketplace connecting organic food producers directly with consumers, making it affordable and accessible to all.

OrganicNet is a social marketplace for organic food that directly connects consumers with local organic food producers. We received a grant from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme within FInish accelerator to build our intercompany startup.


OrganicNet received E-COMMERCE AWARD 2016 for the best local and regional e-commerce solution, the FInish Final Award as one of the best projects within the accelerator, and Aurea Innovation Award for driving innovation and making people’s lives better.

Behind our need to create OrganicNet lies the simple truth: healthy, natural food should be accessible to everyone. Our solution was to create an online social marketplace to directly connect organic food producers with consumers, making the organic food and products affordable and accessible, and to help people to make informed and responsible choices when it comes to food they are growing, eating and buying.

With OrganicNet, producers receive greater market visibility and build their reputation and brand using effective marketing tools. Consumers can trust in the food quality and get to know the family businesses that are producing the food they are buying. The platform offers a better deal for the environment, with fewer food miles and less food waste, supporting the Organic Food Movement and promoting the values of organic agriculture.


The food is not a mere convenience. OrganicNet is awakening the sentiment of food in which quality and health benefits we can trust.


The platform recommends the products by geolocation, connecting consumers with nearby producers. Consumers browse and search for food and products using different filters: by food type and category, location, price, producer’s ratings, delivery points, keywords, and food production and provenance – whether the food is certified organic, grass-fed, free-range or locally-grown. Besides the list of products, consumers can head over to a map to see the location of the producers’ farms and households.