Platform for Interactions on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Marzee Labs developed a platform where researchers and municipalities can share information and data about the UN Sustainable development goals.


The Center for Studies and Opinion Surveys (CESOP) has been a part of the Portuguese Catholic University since 1991. CESOP develops studies in order to create knowledge about the Portuguese political, social and cultural realities.

The Challenge

CESOP-LOCAL needed a platform to produce and share specialized information, mostly based on data sets, between them and Portuguese municipalities, also allowing citizens to access the information made available to them.

They needed a digital solution that would provide them with a hub to manage their data, and have the ability to administer its consultation through two types of environments, one private for interactions with the municipalities and another public to present the results to civil society. In short, the project was, in fact, a two-in-one application.

Our Solution

For the private environment, we created a forum to allow for interactions between the CESOP-Local team and the different municipalities involved, making it easy to understand how the municipalities in Portugal are dealing with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their territory.

Marzee Labs was responsible for the development and evolution of a full back-end Drupal 8 structure for content management and the forum, as well as all the design, look and feel, and implementation of the front-end experience. Our team is currently responsible for the maintenance of this platform.