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Proving Profitability with Remoov

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Our marketing campaigns led to a positive ROI by week three. Campaigns have now been scaled by 10x and CPA has dropped by 50%.

Setting Goals

At Stackmatix, it is our goal to show positive return-on-investment for our clients’ marketing campaigns.

We want to show that for every dollar we spend, we make more than a dollar back, and we like to prove the concept as quickly as possible.

In collaborating with our new client Remoov, we were able to prove our campaigns were ROI positive in just three weeks. Remoov is now helping more people than before in the Bay Area to sell, donate, or recycle their old stuff in a single hassle-free pickup!


In three weeks we were able to:

  1. Propose and launch a new Google Ads strategy
  2. Deploy Google Tag Manager for Remoov reducing dependence on their development team
  3. Advance Remoov’s tracking and analytics capabilities
  4. Confirm several sales resulting in a net-positive ROI

Future Plans

The progress and success so far is just the tip of the iceberg as the campaigns should only show more efficiency over time and as we work with Remoov to launch new media and marketing infrastructure developments moving into the New Year.

Are you struggling to make digital advertising profitable? Give Stackmatix a shot! We have always shown an improvement in Google Ads performance whenever we have taken over from another agency’s management and we offer account reviews at no cost!

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