Real Estate Tokenization Platform

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A blockchain-powered real estate investing platform.

About the Project

This blockchain-powered real estate investing platform allows users to invest in international real estate properties from their smartphones with no bank account, no minimum investment size, and low transaction fees.

The platform is ideal for real estate asset managers as it acts as a compliance service to access the growing community of crypto investors. It also allows them to reach alternative funding through Initial Public Offering.

  • Proven and audited smart contracts
  • Compliant legal framework
  • 10x lower cost to raise capital
  • Access to the 265 billion $ crypto market
  • Highly liquid secondary market
  • Investor compliance (KYC, AML)

How Did We Help?

As an early-stage startup, Tokenestate needed consulting in UX/UI and font-end side of the product to create an MVP that is built to facilitate the investing in real estate markets by deploying blockchain-based Real Estate Tokens (RETOs).

The team helped the customer to evolve the main business idea and to air out any uncertainties standing along the way. With a positive and proactive approach, the team’s ideas have been widely accepted by the customer and later on implemented onto the PoC platform as an end result.

General Info

  • Technologies used: ReactJS, Google Apps Script, HTML5, CSS3, Redux, React Charts, Redux Thunk, Highcharts
  • Domain: Blockchain, Token as a Service, Real Estate
  • Team: 2 Senior Front-end Engineers, 3 UX/UI designers, 1 Director of Production and 1 PO
  • Duration: 2 months