Social Media Campaigns for a Media Broadcaster

Aura media
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We were challenged with creating social media campaigns with viral video animation and graphics for Thailand’s biggest media broadcaster.

The Challenge

We were hired by Thailand’s biggest media broadcaster to boost engagement on their social media channels. We analyzed their social media channels with advanced digital analytics. Based on the findings we then created original social media campaigns using their celebrities as the main attraction for engagement.

Our Approach

We use social media analytics software to find which historically posts themes and campaigns performed best. Based on similar themes we created a new campaign about their celebrities childhood and included a quiz in the campaign.


The results outperformed our targets with the client. Each campaign post organically reached about 7000 likes above 500 shares and comments. It reached the top 10 highest engagement campaigns of the client’s social media channels. The social media video of this campaign also reach above 500K views, compared to the normal baseline view of 100K.